Samsung to launch its first all-in-one Desktop computer Ativ One 7 Curved

Samsung Ativ One 7 CurvedWashington, Dec 31 : Samsung is preparing to launch its first new all-in-one desktop computer Ativ One 7 Curved that will have a curved screen just as its TVs.

Samsung has already been offering laptops and Chrome books. The idea of the Ativ One 7 Curved with 27-inch all-in-one, came partly from Samsung's TVs that already have curved screens, reported PCWorld.

The new desktop would look like a 27-inch curved TV, with all the PC components at the back of the monitor.

As with TVs, the curved display could provide a more immersive gaming and entertainment experience than conventional monitors, said David Ng, product manager at Samsung.

He also said that buyers would be caught off guard with its unusual shape. (ANI)