Sixth Pay Commission – What Will Be The Final Decision?

As per the sixth central pay commission latest news, the wait is almost over for millions of employees who serve the Indian government as the Sixth Pay Commission is about to finalize its recommendations and a bonus is on the cards for them. The employees are desperate to know the 6th pay commission 2008 proposed pay scales, which will offer them a big increase in their present salaries. The move would cost the six pay commission central govt. exchequer Rs 12,561 crore in 2008-09.

On March 24, 2008, Justice B. N. Srikrishna, chairman of the sixth pay commission, submitted its report to Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, presumably suggesting a 40% increase in salary for the central government employees, and the hike will take place with retrospective effect from January 1, 2006.

Mr. Srikrishna, “I have recommended something for the good of the country. The Finance Minister will give the latest highlights.”

More than 4.5 million central government employees are awaiting a reward from the report which is expected to suggest major changes in their as well as conditions of service, comprising performance-linked pay and other incentives.

A secretary-level official of the Central Government stated, “A senior secretary gets Rs 52,000 as monthly salary. I do not expect it to go up to more than Rs 60,000. Salaries of top officials will not be more than that of governors.”

In his budget speech during the last month, Mr. Chidambaram announced that the pay panel’s suggestions would meet up the lawful prospects of government employees. The railway budget for 2008-09 has kept aside Rs 50,000 million for carrying out the Sixth Pay Commission's recommendations for its 1.4 million employees.

According to budget estimates of GDP for the fiscal 2008-09, the financial impact of the plan has been figured to be within 0.4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that amounts to around Rs 2,10,000 million.

The sixth pay commission pay structure report is likely to be welcomed by the babus plus defence and paramilitary employees. The largest pay scale, as per the expected pay scale table, in the government has been pegged at Rs 90,000 for the cabinet secretary, whereas a secretary would get a cheque of Rs 80,000 on a monthly basis. The expected 6th pay commission pay scale table has fixed Rs 6,660 as the minimum entry level salary. If the suggestions are accepted, the three service chiefs would get the equal salary as the cabinet secretary.

Although the sixth pay commission pay scale claimed a 1:12 lowest-to-highest pay ratio, the main beneficiaries would be senior officers including joint secretary and above, giving the recommendations a pro-IAS tilt. The gains for other central service officers, particularly at director level, are not so attractive.

The central government would be delighted to offer benefits to the huge system of government in the form of 6th pay commission pay scales.

Just as agriculturists have a loan waiver and the middle class higher tax exemptions, the 6th pay commission 2008 proposed pay scales is a sop for government workers. The sixth pay commission pay structure is likely to be extended by state governments to their employees also, as Bhupinder Hooda, Haryana’s chief minister, had already agreed to do so.

It is presumed that the expected pay scale table could boost the basic salary of teachers in govt. and private schools by 40-70%.

Besides, the sixth central pay commission latest news also said that there is also a good news for subordinate staff as the sixth pay panel has decided to eventually scrap ‘Group D’ services, and begin the government ladder from ‘Group C’. It has recommended a retraining system for those in ‘Grade D’ for carrying them to the upper scale.

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