Specialty/ Administrative Cadre For Government Doctors

Thiruvanthapuram: Government has decided the implementation of the specialty and administrative cadre for government doctors, Health Minister P.K. Sreemathy said.
Sreemathy told that 50 posts of senior medical consultants and 16 posts of Chief Medical Consultants would be created in specialty cadre. The allowances of doctors would also be increased but pay scale revision had not been considered. Government would bear additional burden of about Rs.25 crore annually for boosting the allowances.
All government hospitals having more than 100 beds will be equipped with the specialty units.
The four cadres in department, in addition to Health Director’s post, are assistant surgeons, civil surgeon, deputy director and additional director. The other equivalent posts are junior medical consultant, medical consultant, senior medical consultant and chief medical consultant will be formed in specialty cadre.
Doctors can choose for specialty/ administrative cadre after completing probation. The post of assistant surgeon at entry cadre will renamed assistant medical officer and civil surgeon medical superintendent, assistant director or medical officer.
The seniority list will be prepared on April 1, qualifying person between January 1 and December 31 in previous year can opt for specialty or administrative cadre.
Promotions would be given according to special rules. If there are no vacancies, the doctors in these cadres will qualify for time bound grade promotions. There will be 951 posts of junior medical consultants and 603 posts of medical consultants in specialty and administrative cadres.
The post-graduate allowance of doctors taking diploma or degree is revised from Rs.460 to Rs.1,380 and Rs.610 to 1,830 respectively. Doctors working in ‘medically underserved stations’ will be eligible for a monthly allowance of Rs.3,300 instead of the Rs.1,650 given for those working in rural areas.
The special allowance of those working in ‘difficult rural areas’ is revised from Rs.3,300 to Rs.5,000. The compensatory allowance for doctors working in primary and community health centres who have to manage the health programmes in addition to their routine work is hiked to Rs.900 per month.
Fixed allowances list:
Junior medical consultant – Rs.1,260
Medical Consultant – Rs. 1,665
Senior Medical Consultant – Rs.2,320
Chief medical Consultant - Rs.2,540