Apple's iPhone 6 was Bing's 'most searched for gadget' in 2014

Apple's iPhone 6Washington, Dec 3 : Apple's iPhone 6 has topped Bing's list of the most popular gadget of 2014.

According to the list by Microsoft's search engine, Xbox One came in second, followed by Fitbit, Mashable reported.

Samsung's Galaxy S5, which came out this year, was nowhere to be seen, while the Galaxy S4 came in eighth.

The top 10 most searched devices by Bing are:

1. iPhone 6

2. Xbox One

3. Fitbit

4. iPad

5. Surface Pro 3

6. Kindle Fire

7. Windows Phone

8. Galaxy S4

9. Chromecast

10. Google Glass (ANI)

Samsung most preferred amongst Android gadgets: Report

SamsungWashington, Feb 28 : Samsung is at number one amongst most popular Android gadgets used by enterprise users, according to a report.

The report from Mobile Device Management (MDM) Company Fiberlink revealed that Samsung stood at first place with 56 percent of the market followed by Motorola at 22 percent and HTC at 8 percent and a host of other companies with 2 percent or less.

Fiberlink spokesperson Jonathan Dale said that Samsung had invested heavily in enterprise security features that made IT professionals more comfortable having their devices in the workplace and the devices also ranked high on the 'cool' factor.

Latest Samsung Galaxy S5 can refocus photos after capturing

Latest Samsung Galaxy S5 can refocus photos after capturingWashington, Feb 27 : Samsung's recently unveiled latest Galaxy S5 could refocus photos after capturing them.

The hi-end smartphone comes with a photo-capturing mode in which a user could designate a specific subject to be in focus and click the picture.

Once the picture has been clicked, a user could open it for editing and choose if they want the background to be 'de focused,' Mashable reports.

User could change the amount of blur or the ' bokeh' effect, by simply sliding the finger across the screen.

Microsoft's digital assistant 'Cortana' to store users' data in Notebook

MicrosoftWashington, Feb. 23- Microsoft's upcoming digital assistant 'Cortana' will reportedly store users' private data in a 'Notebook' that the user could look up later.

Cortana, the digital assistant in line with Apple's Siri, would allow users to choose what she does and doesn't learn.

According to PC World, Cortana would tap into information such as location data, behaviors, personal information, reminders, and contact information, and store it to the Notebook, which the user would be able to peruse.

Samsung unveils couple of new “Pro” devices at CES 2014

samsungConsumer electronics giant Samsung on Friday unveiled a couple of brand new Android-based tablets at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Both of the new devices have been positioned as the "Pro" versions of the company's existing Note and Tab, and thus have been aptly named the Galaxy NotePRO and the Galaxy TabPRO.

LG may soon unveil fitness wristband

LG may soon unveil fitness wristbandConsumer electronics giant LG is all set to unveil a wearable fitness device/band, according to a recently published tweet.

Famous Twitter sensation @evleaks posted a tweet claiming that LG is preparing to unveil a fitness band that will be similar to Nike FuelBand; rather than to a smartwatch like the Galaxy Gear. In August 2013, a senior LG executive had said that the company could introduce a branded smartwatch sometime in the near future.

A glance at some of most influential gadgets of 2013

A glance at some of most influential gadgets of 2013Gadgets industry enjoyed an unprecedented growth in the year 2013, thanks to the launch of hundreds of new gadgets by several tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.  As the current year is all set to conclude, let's have a look at some of the top most influential gadgets of the year.

A quick look at Sailfish-based Jolla phone

A quick look at Sailfish-based Jolla phoneThe newly launched Jolla handset is apparently an attempt by some ex-Nokia engineers to grab a share of the lucrative and fast-growth smartphone market.

Running on a new OS called Sailfish, the Jolla smartphone features a 4.5-inch IPS LCD screen that offers a resolution of 960 by 540 pixels, a 1.4GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400 (MSM8930) processor, and two cameras - an 8-megapixel camera on its rear with LED flash and a 2-megapixel camera on its front. 

New Parallels Access app to bring PC features to tablet

New Parallels Access app to bring PC features to tabletAnew app called the Parallels Access app launched for the Apple iPad tablet computer will bring a host of new functionality of the PC or Mac to the tablet computer.

Google invites testers for Google Glass trial in the US

Google invites testers for Google Glass trial in the USInternet giant, Google has invited a number of beta testers to review its new Google Glass in the US ahead of its possible in the country.

The wearable eyeglass-type computing device is the new and upcoming technology from Google.  The company invited current "Glass Explorers" to encourage their friends to become a Google Glass owner by spending $1,500 for the device. It is believed that the device is with about 10,000 people, including about who 2,000 ordered a pair at the 2012 Google I/O conference several others won the device in tis `ifihadglass' contest.

Chromecast might support HBO Go, Pandora, Songza, Vimeo

Chromecast might support HBO Go, Pandora, Songza, VimeoAccording to some reports, Google's new Chromecast might offer content form HBO Go, Pandora, Songza, Vimeo expand from its current offering of Google Play, Netflix, YouTube or a Chrome tab.

Apple launches new probe into worker mistreatment

Apple launches new probe into worker mistreatmentTechnology giant, Apple has lauched a new investigation into allegations of worker mistreatment in factories linked to the company in China.

The company is facing criticism over reports that it has benefitted from exploitation of more than 70,000 workers in factories in China that produce Apple products and components. There are allegations that the conditions are even worse than those at Foxconn with reports of employee suicides and excessive working hours.

Sony ties up with Panasonic to develop 300GB disc by 2015

Sony ties up with Panasonic to develop 300GB disc by 2015 Global electronics giants, Sony and Panasonic have entered into a partnership to develop a 300GB disc by 2015, which will offer an alternative to the Blu-Ray discs in the market.

The two companies are planning to sell discs to the archiving industry in cartridges for automated storage and retrieval of data for long term storage. They said that the device will be water and dust-resistant allowing the users to use them for long term storage.

MediaTek introduces octa-core mobile processor

MediaTek introduces octa-core mobile processorTaiwanese integrated circuit producer MediaTek has introduced the world to its eight-core processor, elevating the bar for the competition.

MediaTek claimed that all the eight cores of its new octa-core processor run all together unlike existing eight-core solutions available in the market that activate only half of their cores at once.

Google might launch new Nexus 7

Nexus-7Internet giant, Google might be planning to launch its new Nexus 7 tablet at an event in San Francisco on July 24. The company has sent out invites for an event in San Francisco on July 24 and many believe that the company might be planning to launch the next generation of its new Nexus 7 tablet computer.

The event will be attended by Sundar Pichai, product manager for Android and Chrome and the company might also release a new version of Android 4.3. The company has now announced any details relating to the Nexus 5 smartphone.

AMD predicts lower margin in third quarter

AMD predicts lower margin in third quarterThe second-biggest maker of personal-computer processors, Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) has said that it is expecting lower margins in the third quarter.

The company has said that its ross margin wouldbe lower despite an expectation of higher sales during the quarter. The total gross margin, which is the percent of sale remaining after deducting cost of production, is expected to fall per cent from 40 per cent earlier.

Microsoft cuts price of its Surface RT tablets by $150

Microsoft cuts price of its Surface RT tablets by $150Software giant, Microsoft has cut the price of its Surface RT tablets by $150 following a major restructuring at the company, in a move to revive sales of the tablet com[puter inte h highly competitive market.

Nokia to buy Siemens’ stake in NSN for $2.2bn

Nokia to buy Siemens’ stake in NSN for $2.2bnFinland-based handset maker Nokia on Monday announced that it would purchase German engineering giant Siemens AG's 50 per cent stake in their joint venture Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) for $2.2 billion (1.7bn euros).

Nokia, which has lost most of its global market share to rivals like Apple and Samsung, will reportedly take a loan from J. P. Morgan Chase & Co. to help finance the deal.

The handset maker said it expected to finish the transaction before the end of third quarter of this year, subject to regulatory approval.

Apple hustling to strike deal with Sony Music in time to announce ‘iRadio’ at WWDC

Apple-iRadioAccording to several reports, including those from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, despite the fact that Apple's progress in working out deals with leading music labels for its much-rumored `iRadio' Internet radio service is quite noteworthy, it still is running against time with regard to a deal with Sony Music, especially if it intends announcing the service at the next-week-scheduled Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

Notion Ink launches new Adam II tablet

Notion Ink launches new Adam II tabletNotion Ink has announced the launch of a second generation Adam II tablet device in the Indian market after a very limited presence with the original version, in order to attract more customers in the crowded Indian market.

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