Google app shows colliding protons in real time

Google app shows colliding protons in real timeLondon, Oct 10 - A free new app on Google Android phones and tablets helps users view colliding protons in real time and 3D within the particle accelerator used by scientists carrying out work under the mountains on the French-Swiss border.

The app, created by an Oxford team led by physicist Alan Barr and endorsed by CERN, Geneva, which operates the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

Attacks on Google, other US firms traced to two Chinese schools

Haryana saves more girls, but 9 districts fall behindComputers located in two Chinese schools, including one with close ties to the Chinese military have been traced for the series of online attacks on Google and dozens of other American corporations.

According to several people with knowledge of the investigation who asked for anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the inquiry, the Chinese schools involved are Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Lanxiang Vocational School.

Google's Chrome browser focuses on speed, not extras

Google's Chrome browser focuses on speed, not extrasMunich, Dec 21 - Google threw its hat into the browser ring back in 2008. Chrome is what they called their new product, now available in its third iteration. A beta version of the fourth generation is currently making the rounds as well.

While Chrome itself is clearly rapidly changing, one thing seems constant: the developers at Google have their sights on a portion of the market share held by titans Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Google unveils social search function

Google unveils social search functionHamburg  - Google is testing a new Social Search function to make it easier for people find their friends' blogs and twitter feeds.

The only catch is that users of the service need to have an open profile with Google that includes personal contact data.

Google Friend Connect now supports 47 different languages

The internet giant Google has declared that its Friend Connect service now supports 47 different languages. Google Friend Connect service helps connecting users with their friends on different websites and blogs.

Google Friend Connect, the service which helps website owners offer provide social networking features for visitors, was initially available in English language. However, Google Friend Connect service is now available in 47 different languages.

Google Friend Connect service is also available in various Indian languages, such as Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, and Gujarati.     

Google India says it isn’t accountable for any defamatory content posted on “Blogger”

Google India says it isn’t accountable for any defamatory content posted on “Blogger”The subsidiary of Google, the Menlo Park, California based internet giant – Google India, on Monday, in the Bombay High Court, maintained that it has no control on content publication on Google’s blog-hosting website 'Blogger', formerly known as Blogspot.

Google India was taken to the Bombay High Court by Dr Aswhin Mehta, a cardiologist at Mumbai's Jaslok Hospital, for publishing blogs containing defamatory material about him.

Enhancement of Google’s Search Engine’s capacity

GoogleGoogle's search engine's capacity has been enhanced to Index Adobe's Flash files which are very common on the Web.

Now the search spiders of the company are smart enough to be able to index external content which is loaded by Adobe Flash components. Indexing of content in HTML, text and XML formats will also be included.

According to Google, this new potentiality amends search quality by permitting applicable content comprised in external resources to appear in response to user's queries.

With both Google and Yahoo, Adobe has been working to improve the indexing of Flash content online.

Pornographic results not to be served by Google in China

Pornographic results not to be served by Google in China  Thursday saw Google executives in China meting the representatives of the Chinese government with the aim to discuss problems with the service and its serving of pornographic images and content based on foreign language searches. 

It had come to vision that Chinese government commenced blocking certain Chinese-language results from any country. 

A Google spokesperson informed via an e-mailed statement, "We are undertaking a thorough review of our service and taking all necessary steps to fix any problems with our results."

Google and Facebook roll out Farsi tools

Google and Facebook roll out Farsi tools San Francisco - Google and Facebook both introduced Farsi translation tools on their websites Friday, saying the move was designed to help Iranians communicate with the outside world.

The announcements came after a week in which Iranian protestors against the election results have increasingly turned to the internet, and in particular to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, to communicate with each other and the outside world amid a strict media clampdown.

Farsi added to Google Translate services

Farsi added to Google Translate services London - Search website Google. com has added Persian (Farsi) to its Google Translate services Friday, the company said.

The facility would allow opposition groups within Iran to communicate more widely with the outside world through internet and social networking sites in Persian.

"We feel that launching Persian is particularly important now, given ongoing events in Iran. Google is one more tool that Persian speakers can use to communicate directly to the world and vice- versa," said a statement.

Google releases improved beta version of iGoogle

Google releases improved beta version of iGoogleGoogle has tweaked its iGoogle start page for easier use on iPhone and Android phones. The internet giant has released improved beta version of iGoogle for iPhone and Android handsets.

According to Google, the new version of iGoogle is speedier and easier-to-use. It lets the iPhone and Android phone users to interact with their devices in similar way to the desktop version using tabs and displaying content that runs in iFrames.

Rajeev Motwani, the man who mentored Google founders, dies at 47

Rajeev Motwani, the man who mentored Google founders, dies at 47 The man who mentored many young Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, including the founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page – Rajeev Motwani, a computer science professor at Stanford University, was found dead in the swimming pool at his home in Atherton, California, on June 5.

Google rolls out 'Google Translator Toolkit'

Google rolls out 'Google Translator Toolkit'Google has rolled out its latest web based service Google Translator Toolkit. The Translator Toolkit combines Google’s machine translation technology with online tools for manually editing content.

Google Translator Toolkit allows users to translate and read Web sites and plain text in a number of languages. The Toolkit is specifically developed for users who intend to edit and polish the translated text, and share or publish it.

Google fine-tunes its mobile Gmai service for iPhone and Android phones

Google fine-tunes its mobile Gmai service for iPhone and Android phonesGoogle has fine-tuned its mobile Gmai service for iPhone and Android users. Google has added some new features which help the iPhone and Android users to get through their e-mails responsively.

The new faster address auto-completion feature suggests possible contacts when a user types the first few letters of a contact's name or e-mail address. The feature is similar to the desktop version.     

Google Android Smartphone to be sold by HTC in China

Google Android Smartphone to be sold by HTC in China  China Mobile and Taiwan's High Tech Computer (HTC) are planning to sign a deal next month for the sale of China's first mobile phone based on Google's Android software.

It has been learnt that a Chinese-language version of the Android operating system developed by HTC would be used by the handset, HTC's Magic smartphone. 

Furthermore, the software will also be tweaked to meet the needs of China Mobile, the world's largest mobile carrier. 

Google finally comes out with Chrome 2

Google finally comes out with Chrome 2  Following eight months of the official launch of Chrome browser, Google has finally launched final code for the second version of its Chrome browser.

The company claims that Chrome 2 would be available with 30% speed increase for browsing, the credit of which goes to the revised V8 JavaScript engine that processes downloads from multiple pages but allocates resources to most used items.

Google software engineers Mads Ager and Kasper Lund hold a viewpoint that web applications are becoming complex and browsers need capability to run them faster and in a secure environment.

Government probes Apple-Google link

Government probes Apple-Google link San Francisco  - The Federal Trade Commission is investigating the close relationship between tech giants Apple and Google to see if it violates antitrust laws, according to reports Tuesday in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Specifically, the government watchdog is concerned that the presence of Google CEO Eric Schmidt and former Genentech CEO Arthur Levinson on the boards of both Apple and Google could harm competition in the marketplace.

Google Germany agrees to remove Street View images before release

Google Germany agrees to remove Street View images before releaseHamburg - Internet giant Google said Monday it would allow German householders to complain before images of theirhomes are included in the search company's new Street View service. Street View is a feature of Google Maps which provides free panoramic photographs of city streets from eye level in the United States, Japan, Australia and European nations.

Privacy campaigners have claimed it makes it easy for snoopers to discover anyone's quality of home from afar.

T-Mobile’s G1 Android smartphone sales touch ‘one million’ mark!

T MobileWithin six months of its October 2008 launch, T-Mobile's Google Android smartphone - which already makes up nearly two-third of the 3G devices available on the T-Mobile network - finds itself amid and enviable milestone; that of touching the noteworthy 'one million' mark in US sales!

Going by a T-Mobile announcement earlier this week, the G1 smartphone handset has thus far sold a million units, and has had quite a few updates to enhance functionality and fix bugs in the operating system. T-Mobile also intends shifting more smartphones over to the Android OS.

Google unveils two new products – Image Search, News Timeline; refurbishes Google Labs site

GoogleImage Search and Google News Timeline are the two new products that Google unveiled on Tuesday. In addition to these, Google has also refurbished its Google Labs site.

Though seemingly quite interesting, the two new products are not 100 percent refined and are somewhat imperfect in their capabilities - but then, Google says, that's exactly the idea! According to R J Pittman, director of product management for Google's consumer-oriented technology, rather than presenting a perfectly 'complete' product,

Google prefers gathering feedback quickly and making the adjustments required in its new products.

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