Swedish court orders jail term for the four defendants in the Pirate Bay case

Swedish court orders jail term for the four defendants in the Pirate Bay caseA Swedish court has finally handed down its verdict to the four defendants in the Internet file-sharing case! Each of the four - Peter Sunde, Frederik Neij, and Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, and Carl Lundstrom, - has been sentenced to a one-year jail term. The court has also ordered them to make a 30-million kronor payment in damages to top entertainment companies, like Warner Bros, EMI, Columbia Pictures, and Sony Music Entertainment. apologises for ‘embarrassing book cataloguing error’

Amazon.comLondon, April 14: Amazon. com has apologised for an error due to which the sales ranking were removed from tens of thousands of books, and it became difficult to search for tomes.

Making a statement on Sunday, the online retailer said that a "glitch" had caused the problem, and promised that the numbers would be restored.

However, sales numbers were still missing until Monday afternoon.

Hit by the error were recent works like Chelsea Handler''s My Horizontal Life, as well as classics like Gore Vidal''s The City And The Pillar and James Baldwin''s Giovanni''s Room.

Amazon’s “cataloging error” results in deletion of over 57,000 titles

Amazon’s “cataloging errorAn awkward and blundering "cataloging error" by Amazon. com Inc resulted in the deletion of over 57,000 titles from online retailer's main search function on Sunday. Initially terming it as a 'glitch,' Amazon said that the affected titles will soon be restored; but that did not happen even till Monday afternoon.

Middle age chatters driving Twitter's trend

TwitterLondon, Apr 13: Twitter is not longer the domain of younger generation, for a majority of people who use the chatting site are over
35, according to a new survey.

The research conducted by web monitoring company comScore showed that those aged 45 to 54 are 36 per cent more likely than average to visit the site.

And only 10.6 per cent of American Twitter users were aged 18 to 24.

The study also found that middle aged ''Tweeters'' spend much longer on the site than their offspring.

Teens prefer free news and aggregation websites

Teens prefer free news and aggregation websitesWashington, Apr 12 : A newspaper study has revealed that teenagers think that news is a free commodity and they love aggregation sites.

The findings may acts as a bad news for online newspapers as two of the big industry ideas right now are-charge for content, and put the aggregators out of business.

"Not only are teens not rushing to pay for content, but they also struggle to envision in what realm they would need to pay for content," Wired News quoted the study as stating.

Microsoft fixes “temporary outage” of its MSN, Windows Live and Hotmail services

MicrosoftMicrosoft on Friday morning fixed its previous day glitch affecting its MSN, Windows Live and Hotmail services. The “temporary outage” caused widespread panic among users when their sign up was invalidated with their inboxes disappearing, and instructions for signing up a new e-mail account!  

Late Thursday night, Microsoft assured the users that their inboxes as well as e-mails were “safe,” and that the quandary resulted from an “incorrect message,” which apparently had been sent out during the company’s “routine maintenance” procedure.