‘123456’ is world''s worst password used on the Internet

Melbourne, Mar 19 : `123456' is the most common password used by people on the Internet.

Obscenities, names of fast cars and even ncc1701 - the ship number for Star Trek''s Starship Enterprise, have made it to the list of top 500 worst passwords of all time.

Compiled by Whatsmypass. com, the list features passwords most commonly used by Internet users.

And topping the list of the most common password is 123456, followed by "password" in second place.

Other popular password choices were first names, repeated letters and numbers, pop-culture references.

Even batman, bond007 and cocacola made it to the list, reports the Courier Mail.

Google Earth helped lead-tile thief on runaway robbery spree!

Google Earth helped lead-tile thief on runaway robbery spree!London, Mar 16: A thief stole 100,000 pounds worth of lead from the roofs of buildings – using Google Earth.

By using the popular Internet tool, which shows aerial photographs of towns across the world, Tom Berge was able to identify museums, churches and schools across south London with lead roof tiles.

After the 27-year-old builder found a potential target on his home computer he would scale its roof, take the valuable roof materials and abseil down the side of the building, before selling the lead to scrap metal dealers.

Facebook’s latest makeover gathers mixed reviews

Facebook’s latest makeover gathers mixed reviewsMelbourne, March 14: Facebook has managed to gather mixed reviews after rolling out changes to its home and profile pages from March 11.

The social-networking giant had previously announced the makeover on every member’s homepage.

However, changes were being introduced to a small percentage of its expanding 175 million members every day to prevent crashing the system.

RCOM launches India’s fastest wireless internet service @ Rs 299

Reliance CommunicationsReliance Communications Limited, a part of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, has finally rolled out its CDMA wireless broadband service in the country under the name 'Reliance Netconnect Broardband Plus'.

With downlink speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps and uplink speeds of up to 1.8 Mbps, Reliance Communications' Netconnect Broadband Plus is offering 30% higher downlink rate in comparison to any other wireless broadband offering.

Social networking beats email on the web

Social networking beats email on the webSan Francisco - Social networking is a more popular online activity than email, according to a new survey that provides an interesting picture into web surfing habits.

The survey by market research firm Nielsen Online found that on average one of every 11 minutes spent online around the world is devoted to social networking and blogging sites.

Google blocks music videos on YouTube in UK

Google blocks music videos on YouTube in UKLondon, Mar 10: Music lovers who are addicted to watching online videos on Youtube will not be able to do so anymore as Google has blocked viewings after a dispute over licensing.

Google had started blocking UK viewers from watching "premium music videos" from the night of March 9.

But now the Internet giant has said that it will take several days until all professional music videos are covered by the restriction.

Google described the move, as a "painful decision" which it knew would cause "significant disappointment".