Computer and internet briefs

Computer and internet briefsWashington (dpa) - If your Windows computer freezes, sometimes the only way to defrost it is by hitting the power button. But what happens if you press the power button and the machine still won't shut down? Hold down that power button for at least five seconds. Doing so forces your computer to shut down, unceremoniously. Don't do this unless you have to, though, as you could lose any unsaved data.

Facebook gets celebrity-centred makeover

Facebook gets celebrity-centred makeoverLondon, March 5: Keeping a track of celebrities and causes just got easier – all thanks to Facebook.

The popular social networking site has made changes to its services, which would soon make it simple to keep track of famous stars.

Facebook has announced that members can view the new home page design from March 11, which include increased friend limit and a rephrasing of the status update question.

The site’s 175 million users would be able to follow profile pages of celebrities, organisations and causes while remaining updated about their friends.

Internet ‘giving poetry a boost’

London, Feb 28 : Poetry's grassroots scene is growing, all thanks to the Internet, say writers themselves.

Technologies like email, social networking sites such as Facebook and online media players are helping poets reach new audiences.

Richard Smith, a published poet who is also head of modern collections at the British Library, said that computers are helping poetry, reports The Telegraph.

He said: "What''s interesting is its counter-intuitive. You would have thought that poetry and pamphlets would be failing in the face of the internet, but that isn''t happening."

He argued: "It''s very like the relationship between the net and live music.

Google admits Gmail snag, says sorry

Google admitted on Tuesday a technical snag paralysed its email service for the last few days. The problem aggravated on Tuesday as thousands of users, unable to log in, flooded the internet with panic messages. "We're aware of a problem with Gmail affecting several users," Google said on its support site which is accessed by clicking on the 'help' icon at the top of a Gmail page. 

Over 100 million people use Gmail worldwide. "For the last two days, I am having trouble logging in," Anubhuti Garg, a graphic designer, said. 

A number of users DNA spoke to said they could not log in for most of Tuesday. "I was able to connect only at 6 pm," marketing consultant Sharad Shelar said. 

Rumors afloat, Google Earth used to trace mythical city of Atlantis

Rumors afloat, Google Earth used to trace mythical city of Atlantis

Facebook users still lack data-control despite site going back to original policies

Facebook users still lack data-control despite site going back to original policiesLondon, Feb 20: Although Facebook has announced that it will drop the controversial revisions to its user Terms of Service (TOS), experts have claimed that the reversal of policies would still not provide users with complete privacy over their data.

The social-networking giant came under fire after Consumer advocacy blog The Consumerist reported that the revised policy allowed the website to hold a perpetual license to use its members'' uploaded content to promote itself, even after their accounts had been deleted.