Technology Sector search results show how recession has changed lifestyles search results show how recession has changed lifestylesLondon, Apr 20: Recession has certainly changed how we surfed web, for instead of buying something, people are searching ways to save money.

Three years ago it was Armani, oysters and buy-to-let mortgages and today its Primark, grow-your-own veg and flat shares among the most searched topics on Internet.

The ongoing credit crisis has reduced people''s interest in organic food and they are now looking for ways to save money by using cheaper cuts of meat.

Apple launches the third beta of iPhone OS 3.0 with minor API changes

Apple launches the third beta of iPhone OS 3.0 with minor API changesThe third beta of iPhone OS 3.0 has been launched by Apple, though with comparatively minor changes to the developer APIs. However, Ars has reported that the beta includes a rather significant transformation to push notification methods - badge, text alert, and sound.

Twitter, Facebook could confuse your moral compass

Twitter, Facebook Washington, Apr 14 : They might keep you socially happy in the cyberspace, but in real life, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook harm people''s moral values, as they don''t allow time for compassion or admiration, warn scientists.

According to a study from a neuroscience group led by corresponding author Antonio Damasio, director of the Brain and Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California, emotions linked to our moral sense awaken slowly in the mind.

The finding suggests that digital media culture may be better suited to some mental processes than others.

NASA’s Spirit faces computer glitches on Mars

Shuttle Discovery returns safely to EarthWashington, April 14 : The team operating NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has determined that barring computer reboots, the vehicle is doing fine.

The researchers are studying are diagnosing why the rover apparently rebooted its computer at least twice over the April 11-12 weekend.

Middle age chatters driving Twitter's trend

TwitterLondon, Apr 13: Twitter is not longer the domain of younger generation, for a majority of people who use the chatting site are over
35, according to a new survey.

The research conducted by web monitoring company comScore showed that those aged 45 to 54 are 36 per cent more likely than average to visit the site.

And only 10.6 per cent of American Twitter users were aged 18 to 24.

The study also found that middle aged ''Tweeters'' spend much longer on the site than their offspring.

Public-private company to build Australian broadband network

Public-private company to build Australian broadband network Sydney - The Australian government on Tuesday scrapped a tender process and announced it would form a new company to build a national high-speed fibre-optic broadband network.

The company would be a public-private partnership with Canberra selling its majority stake when the 43-billion-Australian-dollar (30-billion-US-dollar) project is completed.

"It's the most ambitious, far-reaching and long-term nation-building infrastructure project ever undertaken by an Australian government," Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said.