Three people killed in shooting at corner store in Northern California

According to the Stockton Police Department, three people have been killed during an apparent drive-by shooting at a corner store in Northern California. As per Stockton Police spokesman Joseph Silva, two women and a man were killed in the shooting that took place on Tuesday night. Identities of three have not been disclosed yet.

Joseph Silva also informed that one person died on the spot and other two died while undergoing emergency treatment at a local hospital. The other four people were also injured and were taken to the hospital. It is expected that the injured ones will survive.

No one has been arrested so far and the Stockton Police Department has already sent a team of homicide. According to the department, gang investigators have also been sent to the scene. The area where the shooting took place was known for gang activity. Sources hinted that there is a possibility that incident might be triggered by gang rivalry. An official statement has not been yet issued by the police.

The police came to know about the police at about 8:20 p. m. Tuesday. According to witnesses, they heard a burst of gunfire. The type of weapon that used in the shooting have not identified by the police. After the shooting, more than 90 people collected near the scene. People were asking the police about the identities of the victims in order to find out whether their family members had been shot.

Shooting incidents are not strange in the area due to the presence of rival gangs. No suspects have been named as of early Wednesday. A local resident, Heather Payne said that had put her daughter to sleep at the time she heard two spurts of gunfire.

"That's close to my daughter's bedroom, so I yanked her out of bed and put her in the bathtub to keep her safe", Payne said.