'The brain speaks'- in paralysis

brain-speaks-paralysisA new development has been observed in case of paralysed people, where scientists have claimed that human brain speaks with the aid of thought process.

The study by the University of Utah with the aid of technology translated brain signals into words using two grids of 16 microelectrodes impregnated underneath the skull but on top of the brain, as per the reports of Journal of Neural Engineering reports.

According to a report by lead scientist Prof Bradley Greger which stated:"We have been able to decode spoken words using only signals from the brain with a device that has promise for long-term use in paralysed patients who cannot now speak."

It was further added that the step involves a better improvisation that includes placing of electrodes on brain, and the boffins claim it to be possible in few years before clinical trials on paralysed people who cannot speak due to so-called "locked-in syndrome".

The report highlighted the viability of translating brain signals into computer-spoken words.

The procedure involved placing of grids of tiny microelectrodes near the speech centres located in the brain of an individual with severe epileptic seizures.