Twitpic to shut down due to trademark brawl with Twitter

Twitpic-brawl-with-TwitterWashington, Sep 5 : Twitpic on Thursday announced that it will shut down later this month after a trademark battle with Twitter.

Twitpic founder Noah Everett said that the announcement was hard to make, but the decision was made after Twitter threatened to cut off Twitpic's access to its application programming interface, CNET reported.

The company filed its trademark application with the US Patent and Trade Office in 2009, but an 'implied' threat of disconnect from Twitter's API came from Twitter counsel during a recent published for opposition, report said.

Twitter CEO finally explains rationale behind random tweets on users' timeline

Dick CostoloWashington, Sep 4 - Twitter CEO Dick Costolo finally offers an explanation for the random tweets on users' timeline , saying that the changes would be more of a final resort, which means that random tweets would appear only when users don't have any new tweet to load.

The company's decision has angered some users, but Costolo's tweet may indicate that Twitter's new strategy. However, this doesn't change the fact that people use favorites for lots of different reasons, and not all of these reasons mean that a stranger would find the favorite tweet very interesting, The Verge reported.

Crashed Instagram leads users to lash out on Twitter

InstagramLondon, Aug 29 : Photo sharing app Instagram was reportedly crashed last night, and users took Twitter to express their disappointment.

However, Instagram itself tweeted that it was experiencing some technical issues and was working on a fix. But this was not enough to prevent its users taking to Twitter to complain.

One of the users tweeted that 'Instagram is down. Looks like I am spending the night driving around friends' houses asking to look at their dinners again.'

While another wrote 'Instagram crashes causing worldwide panic for addicted'

Now, upload video from any source on Vine

Now, upload video from any source on VineWashington, Aug 22 : Twitter owned six second video app Vine has announced that users can now import video from any source, as long as the file can get to their iOS camera roll.

Earlier, Users had to create Vines totally within the Vine app, which meant that all the restrictions of the 4:3 aspect ratio Vine camera were applied to users' recording endeavors, Mashable reported.

Now users can edit videos in iMovie and then upload it to Vine. Users can even mix and match two videos. (ANI)

Twitter experiment shows lesser tweets, leaves users disappointed

Twitter experiment shows lesser tweets, leaves users disappointedWashington, Aug 18 - The social micro-blog website Twitter has been carrying out experiments changing the way 'favorite' feature works, leaving users disappointed.

However, the experiment has back-fired the website as users are not very happy to see lesser tweets on their homepage.

Twitter to improve harassment policies following Zelda Williams online abuse controversy

Twitter-harassment-policiesWashington, Aug 15 : In the wake of online abuse of Zelda Williams after her father's death, social network Twitter has vowed to improve its harassment policies.

According to the Verge, in a statement provided to The Washington Post with regard to the harassment of Zelda Williams, Twitter's vice president of trust and safety said that the company is currently evaluating how it can further improve its policies to better handle tragic situations like this one.

He said that this could mean stringent Twitter policies with regard to self-harm or private information.

Twitter reveals 'male' dominating diversity report

TwitterWashington, July 24 : Twitter on Wednesday revealed its diversity report which shows 'males' and 'whites' dominating the employee base.

Twitter is 70 percent male overall, yet 90 percent of 'tech' jobs are filled by males. The male-female split for non-tech jobs is 50-50. Twitter leadership is 79 percent male.

By tech jobs, Twitter is referring mostly to engineering, while non-tech jobs refer to marketing and public relations, human resources, sales, and other roles not requiring traditional computer science skills or programming chops.

Twitter may drive couples to break up, divorce: Study

TwitterWashington: Spending too much time on Twitter may damage your romantic relationship, even leading to negative outcomes such as physical cheating, breakup or divorce, a new study suggests.

Active users of the social networking site who are in a romantic relationship may find that Twitter-related conflicts cause relationship problems that can become serious enough to result in infidelity or divorce, researchers said.

Russell Clayton from the University of Missouri-Columbia, said the findings of the study are designed to characterise the relationship between active Twitter use, Twitter-related conflict, and negative relationship outcomes.

Twitter to replicate India election strategy in countries going to poll

TwitterJohannesburg, May 25 : Twitter is planning to repeat parts of its India election strategy across countries that go to polls this year.

The move from the social networking site comes after the strategy emerged as a key tool for politicians and media companies during the world's largest democratic exercise.

According to news24, in India, Twitter Inc worked closely with politicians, including BJP's prime-minister elect Narendra Modi, who used the platform for election campaigning.

Modi had also partnered with mobile and media firms to distribute tweets online and offline.

Millennials wary of Twitter

Millennials wary of TwitterWashington, May 15 - A new research has indicated young adults have a healthy mistrust of the information on Twitter.

Lead investigator Kimberly Fenn, assistant professor of psychology at Michigan State University.

The study participants were college students, average age 19, from the so-called "Millennial Generation." Twitter, with 230 million users, is most popular among 18- to 29-year-olds.

Twitter shares drop 11% in wake of slowdown in user growth

Twitter-Shares-DropWashington, Apr 30 : Twitter shares have reportedly dropped by 11 percent due to the slowdown of user generation, defying analysts' predictions.

The company has also reported a loss of 132 million dollars for the latest quarter but has earned a revenue profit of 250 million dollars through advertisements.

According to The BBC, the number of users of the social network reached 255 million in the first quarter that went up by 5.8 percent in the previous quarter.

44 pc of Twitteratis have never tweeted: Report

44 pc of Twitteratis have never tweeted: ReportWashington, Apr. 13 - Twitter has a whopping 974 million registered accounts however 44 percent of these have never tweeted even once, a new survey has found.

Twitter analytics company Twopcharts found that the micro-blogging site has nearly 974 million accounts, meaning roughly 429 million accounts have never tweeted.

According to PC World, some of the account users just use them to read tweets and others may have created an account, only to forget that it exists.

Turkish government blocks access to Twitter

Turkish government blocks access to TwitterTurkish Prime Minister RecepTayyip Erdogan has said moved to block access to micro blogging site, Twitter in the country on Friday.

Following the move by the Prime Minister, millions of Turkish Twitter users used alternative ways to access the site and expressed anger over the move. The country's president was among the users who found ways to circumvent the restrictions and expressed anger over the move. The latest move has angered people, who see this as Erdogan's growing authoritarianism in the country.

Turkey blocks Twitter for not removing links to corruption evidence against PM

Turkey blocks Twitter for not removing links to corruption evidence against PMLondon, Mar. 21 - Microblogging website Twitter has been reportedly blocked in Turkey, following court order to apply 'protection measures' on the website.

Twitter users in the country who tried to access the website were redirected to a statement by the country's telecommunications regulator, citing the orders.

According to the BBC, this comes after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to 'wipe out Twitter' following damaging allegations of corruption in his inner circle.

Twitter shells out $36 million to evade IBM patent suit

Twitter shells out $36 million to evade IBM patent suitWashington, March 9 : Twitter has reportedly paid IBM 36 million dollars to avoid patent suit from the latter, according to documents filed with the Securities Exchange Commission.

The social network giant has paid the amount for 900 patents after IBM threatened to sue Twitter over at least three patents in November.

The price only became public Thursday, when the SEC published Twitter's Form 10-K, an annual disclosure of a company's financial performance, Wired reported.

Mobile more important to Twitter than Facebook

twitter vs facebookWashington, Feb 12 : Usage of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook reportedly depends on mobile experience , with smartphones working more in favour of the microblogging site than the latter.

Nielsen's new US Digital Consumer Report revealed that 85percent of Twitter usage occurs on mobile devices, compared to 57 percent of Facebook usage.

According to Mashable, the data shows that it is even more important for Twitter to deliver a compelling mobile experience.

Twitter redesigning webpage to give Facebook-like look

Twitter redesigning webpage to give Facebook-like lookWashington, Feb. 12 : Twitter is reportedly working on a major redesign of its web page that is said to make the social network site look like Facebook.

The all new profile page of Twitter has the avatar photo and biography placed well to the left side of the page, giving a lot of space to the header photo.

However, Twitter's magazine-style web layout will only affect the desktop version of Twitter, making the tweets larger,

Twitter records slowest growth in user base

TwitterMicro blogging site, Twitter has said on Wednesday that it recorded its slowest growth in user base in years raising concerns that the company might not be able to maintain its rapid growth.

Twitter, which is based in San Francisco, said that fourth-quarter revenue rose to $243 million, which is better than analyst expectation. This is the first time that Twitter is announcing its results as a public company. Investors were concerned over slow growth in user base and a fall in timeline views.

Twitter shares drop by 18% over slowing user growth

TwitterWashington, Feb 06  : Twitter's shares have reportedly dropped by 18 percent, to 54.18 dollars, owing to a slowed user growth rate, the company revealed in its first-quarterly earnings report.

The microblogging site went public last November and despite never reporting profit; the company's shares rose sky high on the first day of trading.

However, the 140-character site now has 241 million monthly active users, up by 30 percent year-over-year, but that is only up by 4 percent from last quarter, Tech Crunch reports.

Twitter acquires 900 IBM patents, enters cross-license agreement

TwitterJohannesburg, Feb 01 : Twitter has reportedly purchased 900 patents from IBM, entering into a cross-license deal.

The financial terms of the deal haven't been disclosed.

However, Twitter's legal director said that the deal would provide the company with greater intellectual property protection and freedom to innovate, News24 reports.

According to the report, the short messaging service had announced in a November regulatory filing that it received a letter from IBM accusing it of infringing on three of its patents.

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