Twitter shares rise by 4% amid rumors regarding its acquisition

Twitter shares rise by 4% amid rumors regarding its acquisition

After rumors of acquisition of social network Twitter, the company stock gained nearly 4%. Earlier also, it was said that Twitter could be a target for acquisition. Some talked about the acquisition of the company by Google.

Twitter stock has gained over 46% for the year so far, moving slowly close to a 51-week high for the tech company.

On Tuesday, many shares of the company were trading hands on, and a volume of 30 million shares has been registered compared to the average of 18 million shares per day.

This year, there are options for growth of Twitter stock for April month. It has been suggested by the CBOE that Twitter is one of the firms whose options were increasing in volume in Tuesday market.

Twitter launches new streaming video application ‘Periscope’

Twitter launches new streaming video application ‘Periscope’

Twitter on Thursday launched a new application Periscope, a move that could dampen enthusiasm for the rising online star Meerkat, which offers a similar service.

The Periscope app is a streaming video application like Meerkat, allows anyone to stream live video to a wide audience with their Smartphone.

Twitter's Kevin Weil said in a blog post that the new app enables to share and experience live video from mobile phone and is also perfect complement to Twitter.

The team associated with development of the Periscope app outlined a range of possibilities for the service, including how it can turn any smartphone user into a global reporter.

Two loose llamas in Arizona become trending topic on Twitter worldwide

Two loose llamas in Arizona become trending topic on Twitter worldwide

Washington, Feb. 27 - Two loose llamas in Arizona recently became a trending topic on Twitter worldwide.

The chase began after a 911 call came in to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office just before noon, reporting that a black llama and a white llama had escaped from an assisted living facility, the CNN reported.

The llama drama spawned an immediate Internet sensation and even a Tumblr page which included highlights like; "Alpacaclypse," "llow speed chase," and "Dali Llama."

Video of their breakout became a social media sensation and quickly inspired a Twitter account and several hashtags.

The runaway llamas were eventually lassoed and rounded-up by the authorities. In total, the chase lasted a little more than half an hour. (ANI)

Twitter rolls out new feature that lets users share team accounts without sharing password

Twitter rolls out new feature that lets users share team accounts without sharin

Washington, Feb 18 : Twitter has come up with a new feature that lets users share team accounts without having to share passwords.

According to Tech Crunch, like a number of Twitter's power-user-focused features, the new Team tool is built into TweetDeck as opposed to the more standard Twitter client.

The new update is now available on the web/Chrome/Windows versions. (ANI)

New Twitter transparency report reveals 40pc increase in government data requests

New Twitter transparency report reveals 40pc increase in government data request

Washington, Feb 10 : Social network site Twitter's latest government transparency report has revealed a worldwide increase in government information requests by up to 40 percent.

According to the Verge, the report does not list secret orders from the NSA and other US intelligence agencies.

Twitter refused to reach a compromise, saying that disclosing the numbers in wide range "seriously undermines" transparency.

The company has last year sued the US government over violation of First Amendment rights after receiving gag orders on intelligence requests like Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court orders and national security letters. (ANI)

Twitter testing revamped sign-up process that automatically fills new users' timeline with tweets

TwitterWashington, Jan 03 : Twitter is reportedly testing an improvised sign-up process that automatically fills a new user's timeline with tweets soon after they have created an account.

According to the Verge, Twitter announced plans to introduce this " Instant Timeline" last year, and now The New York Times reports that Twitter has started testing it out with a small number of people on Android .

The new sign-up process will make sure that users have something to read on signing up. (ANI)

Twitter cofounders come to CEO Dick Costolo's aid amid criticism from investors, analysts

Jack DorseyWashington, Jan 30 : Twitter cofounders have come out in support of the social networking site's CEO Dick Costolo amid a series of criticisms of his performance by investors and analysts.

According to Mashable, Jack Dorsey, Twitter's cofounder and current CEO of Square, issued a lengthy tweetstorm on Thursday in which he praised the progress of the social network and offered a firm endorsement of Costolo's leadership.

Demonstrating its support for Costolo, Twitter later went on to promote Dorsey's tweets.

Now, post videos and host group chats on Twitter

TwitterWashington, Jan 28 : The long wait for posting group messages and videos is over for Twitter users, as the social networking website on Tuesday revealed that users can now use the features from the iOS and Android apps.

Twitter revealed the features on Tuesday which now allows users to post 30-second video clips to their account and direct messages have expanded to let a user post messages to groups of up to 20 people, creating a place for more private conversations on the site.

Twitter releases new feature 'Recap' that allows users to catch up on missed tweets

Twitter RecapMelbourne, Jan 22 : Twitter has released a new feature dubbed " Recap" that allows users to catch up on Tweets missed while they were offline.

According to News. com. au, the latest feature will highlight a selection of tweets users missed when offline.

Twitter said in a statement that the feature was a way to "keep up or catch up" with fast-moving updates, "without compromising the real-time nature of Twitter".

The feature is available in Twitter's Apple app as of now. (ANI)

Twitter in negotiations to acquire Indian startup ZipDial

TwitterWashington, Jan 13 : A report has said that a new acquisition may be on the cards for Twitter as it is in negotiations to buy ZipDial, a startup founded in India that has honed in on a mobile use practice that is unique to the Indian market.

People who call numbers but hang up before the call is answered, using the action as a simple alert that comes free-of-cost, becomes the basis of other commercial actions, and analytics to track everything, reported Tech Crunch.

Sources said that the deal is likely to be priced between 30 million and 40 million dollars and may be announced as soon as this week.

YouTube, Twitter accounts of U.S. Central Command hacked by IS

YouTube, Twitter accounts of U.S. Central Command hacked by ISLondon, Jan 13 - The YouTube and Twitter handles of the United States Central Command (Centcom) have been hacked by a group that claims to belong to the Islamic State (IS) as the accounts were suspended for a few hours.

According to BBC, a message on Centcoms's Twitter feed addressed American soldiers saying they were "coming". The message was signed by the Islamic State.

There were some internal military documents that appeared in the Centcom Twitter feed as well.

Centcom said that the issue was "cyber vandalism" but not a serious data breach.

FinMin to use Facebook, Twitter to push disinvestment

New Delhi - Government is looking at using the social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, in a big-way to generate interest in its disinvestment programme among investors, high networth individuals and opinion makers.

The Department of Disinvestment in the Finance Ministry will hire an advertising or public relation agency for the purpose.

DoD said the agency will carry out advertising/PR work for sale of government holdings in state-owned firms through market instruments like, Initial Public Offers (IPOs), Further Public Offers (FPOs) and Offer for Sale (OFSs).

Twitter releases new feature that allows users to catch up on missed tweets

TwitterWashington, Jan 02 : Twitter has released a new feature that allows users to catch up on missed Tweets.

According to CBS News, the latest feature called "While You Were Away" offers up missed tweets a user might consider important.

The tweets missed by the users are pinned to their timelines.

The feature is available to particular sections of users as of now.

Meanwhile, the social networking giant has also announced several updates that will make it easier to take a public conversation private, including the ability to share and discuss tweets privately via Direct Messages. (ANI)

Sony Pictures threaten to sue Twitter over user accounts linking to leaked info

SonyWashington, Dec 23 : Sony Pictures Entertainment has threatened to sue Twitter unless it bans user accounts linking to information stolen from its servers by the group that hacked its computer network.

Sony lawyer David Boies sent a letter to Twitter's general counsel VIjaya Gadde threatening legal action, saying that the company would "hold Twitter responsible for any damage or loss arising" from the use or continued dissemination of the stolen information, The Verge reported.

Twitter set to partner with Foursquare to add location to tweets

Twitter FoursquareWashington, Dec 18 : Social networks Twitter and Foursquare have reached a deal under which tweets would now include information about the location of users.

According to CNET, the partnership is set to start next year, and the new " geo-based" features could roll out as soon as the first quarter, said the publication.

Foursquare, which was started in 2009, allows users to "check in" to locations and scan the city for new and interesting places with the help of its mobile app .

While Twitter already offers some location-based features to its users, it does not currently in-depth location information for individual tweets. (ANI)

Instagram's monthly user base surpasses Twitter's by hitting 300 mln mark

InstagramWashington, Dec 11 : Just nine months after it hit the 200 million mark, Instagram has now said that 300 million now use its photo app every month with 70 percent of them coming from outside the United States.

The figure makes the app bigger than Twitter which had 284 million active users six weeks ago, reported Tech Crunch.

Despite fears that the acquisition by Facebook will have an adverse impact on the app, Instagram has been doing well for four years now with 70 million photos being shared on it every day and over 30 billion total. (ANI)

Twitter introducing changes to make reporting abuse, blocking easier in coming weeks

London, Dec 03 - In a bid to tackle increasing cases of online abuse, Twitter is making changes that will allow users to report abuse or offensive content "more easily."

The social media platform is set to introduce changes that will include a new reporting procedure, change in the way users block others and novel ways of dealing with reported tweets, reported the BBC.

Remarking that users' safety is always a priority, Twitter said that the changes are aimed at giving users "greater control over their experience."

The changes will take effect "in the coming weeks." (ANI)

You can now search for anything you have ever tweeted

You can now search for anything you have ever tweetedMelbourne, Nov 19 : Twitter has reportedly widened its search function allowing users access to 500 million tweets.

According to News. com. au, the newly enhanced search function can burrow back through half a trillion tweets to find one's most embarrassing moment from as early as 2006.

Twitter said in a statement that its search engine excelled at surfacing breaking news and events in real time, and its search index infrastructure reflected this strong emphasis on recency.

It further stated that its longstanding goal had been to let people search through every Tweet ever published. (ANI)

Twitter planning slew of new updates to lure 500 mln-strong `logged-out audience`

TwitterWashington, Nov 13 : In an attempt to lure its 500 million-strong "logged out audience" who visit Twitter each month but don't sign in, CEO Dick Costolo has revealed that it is planning a slew of new features.

Executives said that the social media platform is planning to improve its direct messaging product and introduce other updates that will allow users to take a public conversation private. The first of these updates will be rolled out next week and will enable users to share and discuss Tweets privately via Direct Messages, reported The Verge.

Gaining popularity on Twitter might be costly, inefficient

TwitterWashington, Nov 3 : A new study has claimed that less popular users can gain popularity by increasing their activity and their tweets, but the result will be costly and inefficient.

The study conducted at Technical University of Madrid showed devised a measure that relates the effort spent to the influence gained by tweeters.

Researchers confirmed that the actual structure of Twitter is the key to the influence. It was a heterogeneous network, or rather, one where there was a large number of users with very few followers and a few -very few- with an enormous number of followers.

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