“I feel great. I’m feeling fine thanks to the hospital,” says Rudy Giuliani

Republican presidential candidate Rudy GiulianiRepublican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani is still facing question about his hospital stay. After returning campaign trail following an illness, Rudy Giuliani, 63 spoke to the reporters.

Giuliani said, “I feel great. Take care. Merry Christmas, I’m feeling fine thanks to the hospital. They did a great job. ”

The former New York City mayor, scheduled campaign events this weekend, was admitted to a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. He underwent battery of tests during his overnight hospital stay.

Giuliani pressed that he is absolutely fine and it was severe headache which caused all the issues. He said, “I’m in very good health. I had a very bad headache, that's what precipitated it, and they checked out everything. ”

“I want to thank my wife, Judith. She’s been with me through many different things, and there’s one great asset in having a wife that's a nurse: Whenever you have any kind of medical issue, she can calm you, help you, ” he said, with his wife at his side. She stayed in touch with everything. I’m doing fine. I’m doing great, ” said Giuliani in his statement.

His spokeswoman told that the tests found “nothing was alarming” but would not elaborate what results were.

Giuliani visited his personal physician, and resumed his lighter schedule. He said he had been suffering from a massive headache worsened by insufficient cabin pressure in the small plane he was using on the campaign trial.

But others said Giuliani was taking a daily dose of aspirin on a doctor’s recommendation. That recommendation is standard practice for heart concerns, though both the mayor and his staff have said that his heart is fine.

While Giuliani’s campaign insisted that he has a “clean bill of health. ”

Giuliani said he had been given every test imaginable, but would not reveal what those tests had been. He said his doctor would disclose more information soon. CNN and other news organizations have asked the Giuliani campaign to release all currently available records of his recent medical treatment.

So far, the campaign has been declined.

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