NASA to Mend all Three Shuttle Fuel Tanks

Following the NASAdetection of cracked layers in the padding foam of all three shuttle fuel tanks, NASA said it will change the foam materials on its shuttle fuel tanks in order to evade similar debris abruption as happed on Endeavour’s launching.

NASA’s space shuttle program manager, Wayne Hale said that an X-ray examination of brackets on the shuttles’ external fuel tanks noticed the cracks that could possibly cause similar debris-shedding disruptions as that during shuttle Endeavour’s launch on Aug. 8.

NASA functionaries adjudicated that the insulation foam and the underlying cork layer will be moved out and then novel foam will be sprayed on before the next shuttle flight.

NASA’s three shuttles in service are planned to fly in the coming months. Mr. Hale stated the tank mending work would not hold up shuttle Discovery's flight, presently slated for Oct. 23.

But, if more time is needed, NASA will not flinch from holding up the flight some days and resetting plans for the December task and later ones as required, Hale added.

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