Ancient Egyptians used waterways to transport pyramid stones from quarries

Washington, Oct 25 : Egyptian archaeologists claim to have discovered a canal at the Aswan rock quarry, which they say was used to ferry stone blocks used for constructing the giant pyramids, to th

Egypt, Saudi Arabia improve ways of doing business

Pharaoh Tut’s bare face to go on public display for the first time

King Tutankhamun

Archaeologists to survey the Nile in search of sunken antiquities

Cairo, Oct 6 : An Egyptian archaeological team will track down the locations of the Nile river’s ancient sunken treasures.

Citadel awards 1.9 billion dollars contract for hydro-cracking facilities near Cairo

Rare medical, astronomical manuscripts ‘rediscovered’ in Egypt’s National Library

Cairo, Sept 17: Egyptian archaeologists have found rare medical and astronomical manuscripts at the country’s National Library (also known as Dar al-Kotob).

A senior official at Alexandria Library said the ancient documents were just laying forgotten in the Dar al-Kotob archives for many years, but were then “technically rediscovered” due to the efforts of the Centre for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT).

“They are really priceless,” Egyptian State Information Service quoted the official as saying.