Tata Motors sold just 229,157 Nanos since July 2009

Tata Motors sold just 229,157 Nanos since July 2009According to the latest figures released, Tata Motors was able to sell just 229,157 Nanos since the company started selling its models in the country.

The Tata Nano car was launched in 2009 however its demand fell in the country drastically after a few models were reported to have caught fire while in use. The company pointed out that the fire incidences were isolated and one off accidents but the demand for more expensive models remained high while Nano did not an increase in demand.

The Tata Nano project has faced several issues from eh beginning. The company had to shift its manufacturing base to produce the car from the state of West Bengal to Gujarat following protests and political fallouts. The sales of the model have remained lower than expected and the company has launched campaigns to push up sales and attract customers by offering an alternative to two- wheelers in the country.

Ratan Tata has said that he wants another attempt to promote Tata Nano, often termed as the world’s cheapest car, and make it successful in the market. The Nano is set to be the his dream project to allow middle class customers to own vehicles.

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