‘Is Your Sex Life A Bore’ leaflets get Florida church in trouble

 ‘Is Your Sex Life A Bore’ leaflets get Florida church in troubleMelbourne, Apr 28 : New Hope Church has infuriated officials at the school where they hold their meetings, after they mailed tens of thousands colourful fliers posing the question "Is Your Sex Life A Bore?"

The school is now contemplating to boot the congregation off its property, after it sent the fliers to residents in Melbourne, Florida, and also invited them to go to the school to "learn how to have the Great Sex that God created you to enjoy!"

The program, which is for three-weeks, kicked off at the weekend inside the school hall, with pastor Bruce Cadle preaching that the Christian church has been "shamefully silent" on the typically taboo topic.

"Sex between married believers is a holy activity. It''s not a dirty activity. It''s not a shameful activity," the Daily Telegraph quoted him as preaching.

"It's a holy activity. And the Bible is so clear about this. But it''s still hard for us to get it," he stated.

However, school district''s director of risk management Mark Langdorf, told Florida Today the "Great Sex for You" mailout was "obnoxious and inimical to the best interests of the school board."

"We believe the type of advertising used is not appropriate for students to read in any elementary school," Langdorf said.

"If it is inappropriate for the students, then it should not be used to advertise any event held at an elementary school in Brevard County," he added. (ANI)