12pc centenarians use Internet

London, July 31 : New research has shown that three per cent of 100-year olds have referred to an online encyclopaedia, and that four times that number use the Internet.

During the study, three in every hundred centenarians reported that they had done a little research using the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, while two in every hundred said that they had Googled someone.

The study also revealed that three per cent of the centenarians had had browsed the likes of Amazon to find a gift, while two per cent had used the internet to research a health topic.

Seven per cent reported being familiar with e-mail, and more than half of them even said that they had either sent or received digital photos.

The Internet more generally has been used by 12 per cent of those aged 100 or more, reports Times Online.

However, the use of the World Wide Web is still a stretch behind mobile phones, which have been embraced by 19 per cent. (ANI)

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