600 Pakistan security men killed in 28 suicide attacks after Lal Masjid operation

Rawalpindi, Nov 14 (ANI): More than 600 hundred security personnel and 1300 civilians were killed in at least 28 suicide attacks conducted by pro-Taliban militants after the Pakistan Army operation against the Lal Masjid complex.

Talking to media, the senior Pakistan Army officials at General Heaquarters said this at a briefing here.

It was acknowledged at the briefing that the incidents of extremism and terrorism are on the rise after the Lal Masjid operation.

The extremists in North Waziristan also put an end to the peace agreement after army raided the Lal Masjid complex.

The officials claimed that the security personnel were ambushed for at least 192 times; there had been 39 bomb blasts and 28 suicide attacks in the country after the Lal Masjid operation.

The military is strengthening its positions in Swat mountains, the GHQ officials said, adding that the security forces operation was not affected in post-emergency scenario and it is heading in the right direction.

The high officials said that the situation in North and South Waziristan is not satisfactory and the first priority of the security forces is to surround and narrow the noose around Baitullah Mehsud.

From 2001 till date, at least 966 military men were martyred and 2259 others were injured; 488 foreign extremists were killed, 24 others were arrested and 324 foreign extremists were injured, it said. (ANI)