Amazon to offer ‘more discounts than Black Friday’ on July 15

With a motive to have a stronger membership base among customers in Canada and the US, Amazon has announced that it will offer more discounts than Black Friday on July 15. Walmart in the US has stated that it will have a competing sale on the same.

On July 15, the event will start at 3am EST. Amazon Prime members in Canada will be eligible to avail the discounts, which will be on selected items in different categories including electronics, movies, books, video games, home, patio, lawn & garden and toys.

Amazon spokesperson Katie McFadzean said that the sale will also be open for Amazon Prime members who are in free one-month promotional memberships, but some purchasing limits will be applicable.

McFadzean said that they have seen a rise in the number of memberships since Amazon Prime has been available in Canada. Experts have affirmed that bricks-and-mortar stores are shutting in Canada. Therefore, websites like Amazon, eBay; Shop. ca and Shopify are using their strategies to dominate the online retail marketplace.

Every website has something different to offer. To cite few examples, Canada-based Shop. ca provides its customers free shipping and returns on everyday basis. It also does not charge any annual fees. In the case of eBay, its every retailer decides what shipping options they have to offer.

At BestBuy. ca, the purchases of $25 are eligible for free delivery. Sears Canada provides free pick-up at 1,300 locations.