Apple to file motion of censure against Samsung

Apple to file motion of censure against SamsungAmerican technology giant, Apple has said that it will soon file a emergency motion of censure against Samsung after the Asian company released some information, which was barred in the court of law.

William Lee, Apple's legal counsel said, "This deliberate attempt to influence the trial with inadmissible evidence is both improper and unethical. Accordingly, we write to inform the Court that Apple will be filing today an emergency motion for sanctions and other relief that may be appropriate."

Judge Lucy Koh expressed concern over Samsung lawyers sending some documents to the members of the process. The documents were excluded from the testimonial because they were not filed on time by the company.

Samsung attorney John Quinn confirmed that he approved the release of the document to the press. Apple claims that the documents claim that documents indicate that Samsung was working on a design, F700 much before the iPhone was announced by Apple.

Earlier, federal judge sanctioned Samsung for failing to prevent a feature automatic deletion of email evidence in its patent case with Apple. The judge said that Samsung failed to live up to its obligation to preserve evidence.

Apple was able to convince federal judge to let jurors listen to about document destruction by Samsung in the patent trail between the two companies. The patent trial began on July 30 in San Jose, California.