Atlanta woman purchased gun used to kill Nebraska officer

According to federal authorities, a woman from Atlanta area purchased the gun that was used for killing police officer in Nebraska a day before she had plans to go on maternity leave. According to a statement from a US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent that was filed on June 30 in federal court in Atlanta, Jalita Johnson of Jonesboro received money from Marcus Wheeler and was told to purchase a large magazine, two boxes of ammunition and a gun.

According to the agent's statement, Johnson was having her first court appearance on Monday; she was accused of faking information on a form that guns dealers need to keep when they sell a gun. Johnson said that she had nothing to say. She was reached by the Associated Press. Also her lawyer that was appointed by court wrote in an email that he had nothing to state.

Police in Omaha said that officer Kerrie Orozco was about to go on maternity leave to care for the baby she had gave birth to. The infant was born prematurely three months before. Orozco acted in response to a call to help another officer. Police said that Wheeler, who was wanted in an earlier shooting, killed Orozco after shooting her.

According to reports, Orozco postponed her maternity leave and left her baby in a hospital prenatal care unit. The newborn was to be discharged from the hospital a day after her mother was murdered.