Bhopal gas leak: SC to hear curative pleas today

Bhopal gas leak: SC to hear curative pleas todayThe case of Bhopal gas tragedy is yet to be settled. The tragic incident happened 27 years back. But now the Chief Justice of India has led a five-judge Bench of the Supreme Court to hear the two petitions on this case. One petition was filed by the CBI for restoration of the stringent charge of culpable homicide and the second one for giving better compensation to the victims. It was filed by the Centre on February 28 in open court.

Chief Justice S H Kapadia is the leader of the Bench. On Thursday he took this decision in an in-chamber session on the petitions.

To have the decision on this petition, Justices Altamas Kabir, R V Raveendran, B Sudershan Reddy and Aftab Alam have been included in this Bench.

This Bench of 5 judges is formed by the Supreme. The main aim of this bench is to hear the central government's petitions. From today the court will start its hearing on the case.

The government has moved to higher court last year with the petition in which it has demanded Rs7, 844 crores ($1.74 billion) as further compensation for the loss of life, land and environmental blemish.