Blackberry in Collaboration with IBM and Samsung launches ‘Secutablet’

Secusmart, a Blackberry-owned company, has recently partnered with IBM and Samsung in order to create a new, secure tablet. The tablet, named Secutablet, is based on the Samsung galaxy 10.5 and runs on Samsung hardware, the firm revealed.

Secusmart further said that the additional security offered by the new tablet aims at businesses and governments. But it said that some less protected social media and video platforms can also be used on the device.

The Secutablet which is also compatible with Blackberry 10 is presently undergoing security certification at the German Federal Office for Information Security. Also, IBM's app wrapping technology has provided the new tablet with extra layers of security.

Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle of Secusmart, said, "Security is ingrained in every part of Blackberry's portfolio, which includes voice and data encryption solutions, CEO of Secusmart GmbH, a Blackberry company".

Subject to certification of the Secutablet, German government agencies will get a new way to access Blackberry's most secure and complete communications network in the world, said Dr. Quelle.

As per the reports released by BBC News, Blackberry has earlier struggled in the tablet market, and its PlayBook device did not hit targeted sales when it was launched in 2010.

Blackberry acquired German voice and data encryption firm Secusmart in December 2014, and the Secutablet was unveiled at tech fair CeBit in Hanover over the weekend, stated reports.

Vice-President of enterprise at analyst CCS Insight, Nick McQuire, said in a statement that historically Blackberry has been quite strong in Germany due to its high-end security offerings.

McQuire further said that Secutablet has been clearly designed to play into Blackberry's core focus of high grade security.

Keeping aside the high-tech security of the new tablet, the price might cause difficultly for some keen buyers, as the tablet is likely to be priced at $2,380 (£1,609).