Building collapses in Surat

Building collapses in SuratSurat, Oct 4 : Five people of a family were pulled out alive from the debris of an old three-story house that collapsed here on Saturday night.

All the Bohra family members were in the building when the house collapsed but were extracted out of it with minor injuries.

"We were having our dinner at that time. My entire family was there. We had realised that the building was going to collapse. Fortunately, we were sitting by the side of our bed. That''s why we were saved as the falling roof beams did not hit," said H K Bohra, a rescued man.

Rescue personnel reached the site on time after neighbours of the Bohras sounded an alert and called them.

The rescue team had to struggle to reach the trapped people through debris. They said they had to move debris carefully as there was a danger of hurting the people trapped under the debris.

The rescue personnel used a crane and a ladder for the evacuation of the trapped people.

" Since it''s an old building there wooden planks lying. If we moved the planks, there was a danger that more debris would fall. That''s why, we carefully removed the debris and extracted out people alive," said MJ Gamit, rescue official.

The injured were rushed to a hospital.

The incident took place at Jhapa Bazaar. In this area, houses are very old and adjacent to each other and narrow alleyway makes it difficult for rescue personnel to reach the incident site and carry out any operation. (ANI)