Chinx Drugz, 31, Shot and Killed

American rapper from New York, Chinx Drugz, has been shot after a show in Queens. According to reports, the rapper best known for his stage name Chinx Drugz died in hospital. The ‘Let a Nigga Know’ star was well known as a member of Coke Boys.

As per reports of the New York Times, Chinx was shot after a show in Queens. Until now, there has been no report that the 31-year-old rapper had any confrontation during the show or at the venue. While talking to ABC 7 New York, DJ Babyface said that his fans gave him the energy that had let him kept on and on.

The manager of the club where Chinx performed during the show, Luis Lopez, said that Chinx was very good during his performance. According to Lopez, the rapper was at the club with about four guys. After some time, he left the place. He didn’t fight or even did not have any argument with anyone, Lopez added.

According to the reports, after finishing the show, Chinx left the place in his silver Porsche on Queens Boulevard at about 4 am. At that time, a car showed and someone inside the car fired a 9mm a number of times. After that, the rapper was taken to hospital where he died. There was one more passenger in the car, who managed to survive, the reports stated.

In a statement, Chinx’s representative Chanel Rae said, “Chinx was one of the most talented, professional and determined rappers this industry had to offer. Furthermore, he was a friend”.

In an interview with XXL magazine about three years ago, ‘I’m a Coke Boy’ famed Chinx said that his hip-hop plan was to make music that every person can relate to their everyday lives.