Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Might Help Chances of H1N1 Flu Survival

Lipitor and ZocorLipitor and Zocor, popular drugs used for the purpose of lowering cholesterol levels, might greatly improve the chances of survival in the case of H1N1 flu, a concrete treatment for which is currently being worked upon.

In a study which involved 2,800 people and ran for nearly an year (2007-2008), it was concluded that people who were on either Lipitor or Zocor, and were hospitalized for the flu, were twice as likely to survive as compared to others. A formal, federal study is now being conducted to confirm the results.

The new finds are being described as "promising" and "very intriguing and exciting" by researchers and doctors. Physicians are now optimistic that a proper H1N1 treatment drug is not very far away.

Dr. Andrew Pavia, a pediatrics professor at the University of Utah, said, "It's an important study. It gives us a pretty cost-effective tool if it works". More study and research is currently underway to confirm the results. Once confirmed, an effective treatment for the H1N1 flu can be expected anytime soon.

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