Cold wave continues to spread havoc in North India

Amritsar, Gorakhpur, Kanpur, New Delhi, Jan 2 : A cold wave and a dense fog has thrown life out of gear across North India.

In Amritsar, the temperature was recorded as low as three degree Celsius on Saturday morning. People were seen drinking tea and sitting around fires to keep themselves warm.

"This time it is really cold and because of the thick fog, people are facing difficulty in going to office and other things. The temperature has come down to minus," said Pappu Yadav, a local.

Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh state registered a low of 6 degree Celsius on Saturday.

"The temperature is hovering around 3 to 4 degree Celsius and there is no arrangement for people especially the labourers," said Yelen Machie, a local resident.

Dense fog also led to two train accidents in Uttar Pradesh leaving ten dead and over 50 others injured in Uttar Pradesh''s Kanpur city, and at least 12 injured in Etawah district of the state on Saturday.

Fog also engulfed national capital New Delhi on Saturday, causing a delay in train and flight schedules.

Visibility on the roads was very poor and vehicles moved slowly with their lights on in order to avoid mishaps.

The fog is also playing havoc with the Northern Power Grid, causing delay in trains. Power lines are down because of the heavy fog conditions in parts of northern Punjab and Haryana state. Both states are big suppliers to the Northern Power Grid.

Most parts of northern India are experiencing chilly days amid foggy conditions. (ANI)