Caterpillar dismisses allegations of tax evasion

Caterpillar dismisses allegations of tax evasionCaterpillar is planning to tell a panel of US Senate investigation that the company did not adopt measures to evade tax and claims that it pays its fair share of taxes.

Caterpillar to invest £7m, create 100 jobs

Caterpillar-PhotooNorthern Ireland manufacturing giant, Caterpillar has said that it is planning to invest around £7 million, a move that is expected to create about 100 new jobs in the region.

Caterpillar, which had acquired FG Wilson in 1999, had cut 700 jobs as it was moving some manufacturing to China in September 2012. The company was set to create 200 jobs in Belfast to support Caterpillar's global operations. The company is now planning to add new production line to make its yellow-coloured Cat machines for which the company is most famous. The machine is used by customers around the world for scrap sorting and handling, and forestry use.

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