Yahoo is not changing its name to Altaba

Yahoo is not changing its name to Altaba

San Francisco [U.S.], Jan. 10 : Contrary to some news reports on Monday internet giant Yahoo is not going to change its name but only a part of the company that is not being sold to Verizon will be renamed "Altaba".

The CEO Marissa Mayer is to step down from its board, but will continue remain in the post, reports the guardian.

Verizon agreed to buy Yahoo's search engine and web portal for USD 4.83 billion back in July. However, Yahoo's shareholders held onto the company's lucrative investments - including a 36 percent stake in Yahoo Japan and a 16 percent stake in Alibaba - and patent portfolio. This remaining entity has no product and no staff members.

Yahoo CEO pregnant with Twin Babies

Yahoo CEO pregnant with Twin Babies

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo Inc’s Chief Executive Officer, has announced her pregnancy. Mayer shared that she is likely to deliver twin baby girls in December.

"Since this is a unique time in Yahoo's transformation, I plan to approach the pregnancy and delivery as I did with my son three years ago, taking limited time away and working throughout," Mayer wrote in a blog on Tuesday.

The news however, comes as a jolt for the company which is on the verge of entering and existing new business deals with other giants.

She was expecting a baby boy when she had joined Yahoo in 2012. The 40-year-old continued to work from home even after the delivery and joined back within a fortnight then.

Yahoo’s Second Quarter Results are Poor

Yahoo’s Second Quarter Results are Poor

American multinational technology company Yahoo is still facing several difficulties as the Internet company is preparing to shed the financial support that has been propping up its stock during the three-years of control under CEO Marissa Mayer.

The company on Tuesday released its second-quarter earnings reports, which showed that the company suffered loss of nearly $22 million. Soaring ad commission paid to its partners is said to be the major factor by which the loss has been driven.

Net revenue of the company remained unchanged from the previous year at $1.04 billion. Yahoo said it would have earned 16 cents per share, but the figures showed it was 2 cents per share below the average estimate among analysts polled by Zacks.

Yahoo strikes deal with Oracle to promote Yahoo search

Yahoo strikes deal with Oracle to promote Yahoo search

According to reports, Yahoo could soon add its users to its search engine, without knowing about it. The company's Chief Executive Marissa Mayer announced a partnership with Oracle that is intended to bring more users to try Yahoo search. He was speaking at the company's annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday.

Users installing or updating Oracle's Java software will be encouraged to make Yahoo their browser's default search engine and home page, beginning from this month.

Katie Couric Renewing Her Contract with Yahoo

Katie Couric Renewing Her Contract with Yahoo

Katie Couric, an American journalist and author is renewing her contract with yahoo, her spokesman confirmed Friday evening.

Couric will continue to be the global news anchor for Yahoo, which means that she will again be seen busy conducting high-profile interviews like the one she had with Senator Lindsey Graham earlier on Friday.

The renewed contract between the two indicates Yahoo's ambition to have news video that distinguishes its site.

Yahoo News is the country's most popular news web site, but it relies heavily on news wire copy and video from elsewhere.

Although Couric's spokesman declined to give any comment on the particulars of the contract, Re/code and The New York Post reported that she'll be paid roughly $10 million annually, up from $6 million before.

Yahoo to shut some media services by end of June

Yahoo to shut some media services by end of June

Yahoo is planning to shut a few of its services including Yahoo Maps and Yahoo Pipes as the service faces intense competition from Google Inc.'s Maps service.

In a blog post, Amotz Maimon, Yahoo's chief architect said that maps. yahoo. com will shut down by the end of this month.

Yahoo is shutting down its services in order to realign itself to focus on search and digital content. Maps. yahoo. com will shut down by the end of this month, Amotz Maimon, Yahoo's chief architect, said in a blog post, as the service faces intense competition from Google Inc's Maps service.

Maimon mentioned that Yahoo's search and other services including photo-sharing website Flickr will still support Yahoo Maps.

After Twitter, Google and Yahoo Join Race to Acquire Flipboard

After Twitter, Google and Yahoo Join Race to Acquire Flipboard

Reports that came out last night, confirmed the culmination of the ongoing deal between Twitter, the online social networking service and Flipboard, the magazine-format mobile app.

Twitter enables users to send and read short, 140-character messages called 'tweets'. It is a great platform to track breaking news and with Flipboard's cool interface, it would be able to ensure enhanced user experience.

Yahoo misses Wall Street's Revenue and Profit Forecasts

Yahoo misses Wall Street's Revenue and Profit Forecasts

Internet search and content company Yahoo has reported its first quarter earnings and revenue, which missed Wall Street's revenue and profit forecasts. Small growth in the company's online advertising businesses was overshadowed by its higher payments to websites which sends traffic to Yahoo.

The company's first quarter results missed profit forecasts, but still its share rose about 1.4% to about $45.10 in extended trading. The share rose after president and Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo Marissa Mayer said that the company had appointed some advisers to determine the most promising opportunities for its stake in Yahoo Japan.

Yahoo changes could make Tumblr less independent

Yahoo changes could make Tumblr less independent

In the social media world, new parent companies release statements whenever acquisitions take place, declaring that nothing will change. But previous incidences show that it hasn’t often been the case.

Although Tumblr has been part of the Yahoo network for two years, it has largely remained true to its users. But, there are rumors floating that there may be some staff shuffling between Tumblr and Yahoo, which could result in few changes for Tumblr service as well.

As per Business Insider reports, Yahoo has been planning a big reorganization that will bring Tumblr more close to the parent company, and it will no longer be allowed to be run as a largely independent business unit.

Yahoo may reduce 300 jobs due to shut down of China office

Yahoo may reduce 300 jobs due to shut down of China office

According to reports, Yahoo is closing its office in China and this will lead to reduction of 200 to 300 jobs. Search and content major Yahoo, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, has been merging offices and reducing staff around the world. There were approximately 12,500 workers of the company worldwide at the end of 2014. The company didn’t reveal how many employees will be affected in China, but according to sources, Yahoo employed 200 to 300 people there.

According to Yahoo, “We are constantly making changes to align resources, and to foster better collaboration and innovation across our business. We currently do not offer local product experiences in Beijing but the office has served as a research and development centre”.

Yahoo to launch ‘end to end encryption’ for its Email Service

Yahoo to launch ‘end to end encryption’ for its Email Service

Previously, many online services reported security breaches. To provide safety to users, many online services have been offering two-factor authentication. When a user tries to login from a new device for the first time, the user is asked to enter both password and secondary code which is sent to the user via text message.

To boost privacy for users, the search engine company Yahoo has been considering 'end to end encryption' for its email service. According to reports, the beta version of the encryption software will be available soon for the developers. The company said that its plans are to protect the privacy of its users. The internet giant has shown the new security feature for its email service at the South by Southwest festival in Austin.

Microsoft, Yahoo's search services suffer brief outage

Microsoft YahooWashington, Jan 03 - Tech giant Microsoft's search engine and other sites, including, suffered a brief disconnection of about 20 minutes on Friday, as per reports revealed on Twitter and other website-monitoring services.

While and others have since returned from the outage, Yahoo's search service, which is powered by Bing, at is reportedly down, as well. No explanation has been provided for the outages yet.

When a user performs a web search from, he is redirected to, and this has only been returning a blank page or, more recently, an error message, instead of search results, TechCrunch reported.

Yahoo starts prompting Internet Explorer, Opera users to switch to Firefox

YahooWashington, Dec 14 : Yahoo has reportedly started prompting its users to upgrade to the new Firefox by displaying a link in the top right corner of the browser window.

The prompt appears on Internet Explorer, Opera and even the new Yandex browser, reported Tech Crunch.

The move doesn't come as a surprise as Firefox now uses Yahoo as its default search engine and wants as many people as possible to switch to the Mozilla browser. (ANI)

Yahoo acquires photo app-maker company Cooliris

Yahoo CoolirisWashington, Nov 22 : Yahoo has acquired a startup photo app-maker company Cooliris that was initially known for creating 3D wall for navigating photos and other media content.

According to Techcrunch, Cooliris created a platform for mobile advertisements called Adjitsu that the company sold to Singtel's Amobee division last year.

Cooliris allows users to browse photos from across services like Facebook, Dropbox and Flickr as the company shifter focus to a mobile app.

Yahoo authorities said that they have a clear view for making mobile an effortless experience which makes the partnership perfect.

Mozilla Firefox replaces default Google search engine with Yahoo

mozilla firefoxWellington, Nov 20 : A report has said that Mozilla is replacing Google as the default search engine with Yahoo for users in the United States.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Mozilla and Yahoo said that they had sealed a five-year partnership that will provide a "framework" for other possible integrations and deals, reported Stuff. co. nz.

The move follows tensions between Mozilla and Google with the search giant's Chrome browser stealing away Firefox 's market share for years. (ANI)

Yahoo acquires video ad startup Brightroll for 640 million dollars

Yahoo BrightrolWashington, Nov 12 : Yahoo has confirmed that it acquired a video advertising startup company called BrightRoll for 640 million dollars in San Francisco.

Brightroll helps customers buy and sell video ads on websites, mobile devices and connected televisions.

Current President and CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Meyer said that Brightroll could take over the Web banner ads through its video advertising, reported CNET.

Meyer said in a blog post that the San Francisco startup company could help Yahoo transform and modernize display business and return it to growth.

Google revamps Gmail app, now supports Yahoo, Outlook

GoogleWashington, Oct 21 : Google has revamp ed its Gmail app for Android, and it will now support Yahoo, and Outlook accounts.

Gmail for Android has traditionally supported just Google's own mail service, but now the search giant wants to help Android users manage all of their mail from within its Gmail app, The Verge reported.

A leaked video demonstrates the new Gmail app, and Google notes within it that more than just Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. com accounts are supported.

It appears that Exchange ActiveSync is supported, as in the Android mail client, which could spell the end of switching between mail clients on Android for most users.

Yahoo set to buy mobile analytics and advertising platform 'Flurry'

Yahoo set to buy mobile analytics and advertising platform 'Flurry'Washington, July 22 : Yahoo announced on Monday that it is set to buy Flurry, a company that specializes in mobile analytics and advertising.

Flurry, founded in 2005, provides mobile analytics for more than 170,000 developers globally. One of its aims is to allow app makers and marketers to place more-personal ads. The service gets insights from 1.4 billion devices a month, CNET reported.

Yahoo executive files counter defamation case against senior director

Maria-ZhangWashington, July 17 : A Yahoo engineering senior executive director Maria Zhang, accused of sexual harassment last week, has filed a counter defamation case against her subordinate, a principal software engineer named Nan Shi in California.

Zhang had allegedly forced Shi to have sex with her and Shi had resisted, Zhang gave her a negative performance review, said reports.

Zhang plays a vital role in Yahoo's mobile efforts while Shi leads content and developer tool teams for the company's mobile properties.

Shi's attorney Mathew Fisher had refused to comment on the issue, reports CNet.

Tech giants contend for transparency following US govt gag orders

Google-Facebook-Microsoft-YahooWashington, May 25 : High profile tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo have contended for transparency against the US government gag orders that forbid them from revealing the kind of national security information they receive.

The companies wrote in a brief that the government sought to participate in public debate over its use of the NSL statute and it must provide accessibility to the companies to offer an informed viewpoint in that debate.

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