C-PYTE bringing the wayward youth to the right track

Chandigarh, April 29: C-PYTE, a centre for training and employment of Punjabi youth, is enabling various misguided youth affected by drug-addiction and alcoholism, to use their energy into useful activities in Punjab.

It’s a unique initiative, focussed at preventing the Punjabi youth from going wayward in life and encouraging them to tread the right track.

Launched in 1990, the C-PYTE scheme inspires and encourages the youth to upgrade their skills in various occupations and join the national mainstream. There are 13 C-PYTE campuses throughout Punjab at Nabha, Faridkot, Ranike and Dera Baba Nanak and some other places.

The organization is headed by a senior defence officer who helps the students acquire self-discipline, spirit of national integration and dignity of labour.

Today, there are several youngsters who are benefiting from the training being given at the Centre for Training and Employment of Punjab Youth.

The centre helps them channelise their energies in positive activities. After training, the youth can even opt for defence services or civil administration.

“This institution was created basically with following things in mind – one was to give special type of training both in the vocational field and on special field of the defense and paramilitary forces with a view to make them fit to get inducted in the defense forces. Second aim was that to create a dignity in them and also the work culture,” said Brig.
(Retd.) G. J. Singh of the C-PYTE.

Every year, 7,000 to 8,000 youth get free of cost training. And, over 60 per cent of them successfully take up jobs in India and abroad.

To make the C-PYTE scheme successful, the Punjab government had approved one million dollar during the year
2008-09. And, it continues to support its innovative scheme.

The trainees, especially those belonging to rural areas, are upbeat about starting afresh and leading it in a disciplined way.

“People become addicted to drugs. But, here one gets rid of drug habits and the focus is on health. We also learn discipline,” said one of the trainees.

“People are unable to get government jobs after higher education. They can’t farm, as the land has been acquired. This government training is fruitful if you are medically and physically fit,” said another trainee.

Beside physical fitness, the curriculum also includes technical and academic studies.

The centre’s motto remains to enable the youth self-employed in sectors like farming and industries.

“Once they undergo a training they may not only get a good job but they become a discipline soldiers in civil. They are personal conduct; living in discipline is paramount. It creates a sense of national integration, the communal harmony because the environment here is such that everybody stays together and eats community food. The place where they sleep is same; the play fields are the same. They created such an environment where we create oneness amongst them,” said Brig. (Retd.) G. J. Singh.

At the centre, the youth even participate in social activities like organizing blood donation camps and assisting the districts administration during natural calamities.

Living in unity without any barrier of cast and religion, these youngsters are being motivated to become professional and social activists. Living in a team environment they come out of the centres as transformed individuals all set take the challenges of life head on. (ANI)