Dennis Hastert will appear in Chicago court for arraignment
Dennis Hastert will appear in Chicago court for arraignment

On Tuesday, J. Dennis Hastert, the former speaker of the House of Representatives will appear in a Chicago court for his arraignment. He didn't speak anything in public or appear since he was indicted.

Hastert was indicted on federal charges that he planned cash withdrawals with the intention of avoiding detection by bank officials and also lied to the federal authorities when asked regarding the money.

Thomas C. Green, who is a Washington-based lawyer, filed court papers signifying that he would represent Mr. Hastert during the arraignment. The lawyer has a lot of experience in representing public officials who face criminal investigations.

On Monday, Mr. Green was tried to be contacted but he did not reply to a telephone message. Over the past days, Mr. Hastert has also not replied to frequent requests for comment.

Two people said in an F. B. I. investigation that Mr. Hastert had taught and coached wrestling in suburban Yorkville and according to reports, he was paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to a former student not to say in public that Mr. Hastert had sexually abused him decades ago.

The indictment was announced on May 28, which says that over the past four years, Mr. Hastert withdrew $1.7 million to pay a person; officials have called the person as Individual A. According to prosecutors, Mr. Hastert had assured to pay the person a total of $3.5 million. Hastert had a good career as a Washington lobbyist after he left Congress in 2007.

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