Designer clay lamps, artificial flowers to add glitter to Diwali

Jamnagar (Gujarat), Nov 3 : Ahead of Diwali, the festival of lights, artisans here are having a busy time making designer earthen lamps and artificial flowers so that each one stands out distinctively from the other.

Although, conventional simple lamps are still in demand, customers prefer new designs these days.

"The demand for the designer earthern lamps is on the rise, since the past 2-3 years. Though we make the conventional clay lamps too, customers these days prefer the designer ones. We make around 50-60 designs on an average. We start two months in advance," said Jayantibhai Vadolia, an artisan.

The artisans and potters in the city say they started work almost three months ago and have already got a great demand for their products.

The artisans say the customers’ choice has undergone a considerable change during the last few years. Since everyone wants to display something innovative, these potters have given a free run to their creativity.

Tradition has it that earthen lamps are lit on Diwali marking the return of Lord Rama to his home in Ayodhya after a 14-year exile. The earthen lamps also signify triumph of good over evil.

Available in different designs, the price of earthen lamps range between Rs.5 to Rs.250, depending upon the size and style of the earthen lamp.

People buy these lamps not only to decorate their homes but also make a show of them during the festival season. Traders and others worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha for prosperity and success.

Flowers also form an integral part of any celebration in the country. It is customary to offer flowers along with prayers to Gods and Goddesses.

Modernity has crept into every aspect of festive celebrations of late. And the scent of flowers seems to have given way to artificial, but beautiful flowers.

"We make plastic flowers. They are artificial but are used extensively by people these days and are much in demand. These days the real flowers are used only during religious occasions and for decorative purposes, the plastic flowers are used," said Majidbhai, an artificial flower shop owner.

Traders maintain that people these days have restricted the use of fresh and real flowers to only religious occasions, owing to skyrocketing prices. (ANI)