E-cigarettes useless in fight against addiction: study

E-cigarettes useless in fight against addiction: studyElectronic cigarettes are ineffective in fighting smoking addiction, according to an Italian government study.

The electronic cigarettes or e-cigarette is an electronic, plastic inhaler that has a battery and a reservoir for a liquid aroma solution. It vaporizes the aroma solutions and the user inhales the vaporized solution.

While the manufacturers say that it helps in fighting addiction for nicotine, the solution the e-cigarette contains also has nicotine. The nicotine can enter the bloodstream of the user through the lungs.

Roberta Pacifici, director of Italy Observatory on Smoking, Alcohol & Drug Use at the National Health Institute, said that young people shouldn't use e-cigarettes because inhaling nicotine in this way might pose serious potential health risks.

Speaking on the topic, Pacifici said, "We can say that the electronic cigarette is less toxic, but we cannot say that it is totally innocuous. We have to have a prudent approach towards this product."

Pacifici also warned that the use of e-cigarette could prompt young people to switch to smoking real cigarettes.

Various studies also warned that cigarettes with filters also pose very severe health hazards because even good quality filters are unable to block all the bad chemicals in smoke. In a worse situation, tiny fibers of the filter can come off into your mouth and you can inhale them into your lungs.

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