EE to create 1,000 new jobs in the UK

EEEE, a leading communications group, has said that it is planning to create total of 1000 jobs in the UK during the coming two years.

The company said that it will also triple the size of its apprenticeship scheme. The company said that it will offer its customer service jobs in the UK from overseas centres and it is planning to offer 250 posts in Northern Ireland in the coming months. The company will increase the total number of jobs by 1,300 during the next year.

EE chief executive Olaf Swantee said, "I'm very proud that EE is leading the UK telecoms industry, delivering not only the first but the biggest and fastest 4G network for the country. Within 18 months, I want to be able to say that EE has done for customer service in the UK what it has done for networks. A major step towards this is returning 1,000 customer service jobs to the UK, where performance has been shown to exceed that of overseas contact centres."

The company also said that its plans to increase the size of apprenticeship programme will address youth unemployment in many areas in the UK.