Element of doubt in Prime Minister's words: Congress

New Delhi, Feb 17 : The Congress on Tuesday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's refusal to give a statement in the Parliament assuring people's security and respect to every individual's religion creates an element of doubt.

" Narendra Modi had assured in the meeting that India will be an inclusive society and all religions will be given its due share and respect. Any attack on any of the religion will not be tolerated. This statement is what people expected to hear from the Prime Minister in the Parliament," said Congress leader PC Chacko.

"In spite of the fact that the Parliament was disturbed for many days, Modi refused to give the same statement in the Parliament. So there is an element of doubt in what he says. When the Prime Minister gave such an assurance in the meeting, it was acceptable. But the people expected him to give this statement in the Parliament which he refused to do.," he said.

"The meeting was conveyed by the Christian community on Tuesday. If what he said is exactly what he means it will be commendable too," he added.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Modi appealed to the people of the nation to treat each other with mutual respect and tolerance. He also said that his government would ensure complete freedom of faith for everyone. (ANI)