Exiled Tibetan PM urges exiles to not disrupt Olympic relay

Tibet PM Samdhong RinpocheNew Delhi, Apr 10: Exiled Tibetan Prime Minister Samdhong Rinpoche has urged exiled Tibetans not to disrupt the Olympic torch relay.

Rinpoche wished protesters would not do anything to embarrass the Indian government. He believed that there were some Tibetan groups who did not endorse the Dalai Lama's support for the Olympics.

He said that his government did not support the disruption of the Olympic torch relay around the world.

He said, “The Dalai Lama is advising people inside and outside Tibet not to disturb the games. We have a legitimate right to raise our voice against the grievances but these games should not be taken as an opportunity.”

“We are consistent with that and there are people who do not agree with our stand because in a democratic society everybody has a right to have their own viewpoint. The stand of his holiness and the Tibet government in exile is very clear to the world and there is no confusion,” he added.

Asked if the Olympics had helped highlight the Tibetan cause, Samdhong Rinpoche said it was just a coincidence and the uprising would have taken place even if the games were not happening.

"The uprising is neither because of the Olympics, it was steaming up dissatisfaction in the minds of the Tibetan people for a long time which has appeared at this moment and the world community has taken note of it.” said Rinpoche.

Tibetans briefly protested on Thursday in New Delhi and organised a mock funeral protesting against the killings that took place in Lhasa.

China has termed the disruptions in the torch relay disgusting, and promised harsh punishment for those involved in the unrest in Tibet.

India, which hosts the Dalai Lama and his government-in-exile, has seen a wave of protests since the Chinese crackdown on anti-government demonstrations in Tibet last month.

More than 111,000 Tibetans live in exile and majority of them live in India.

The Olympic flame is due to pass through New Delhi on April 17. (ANI)

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