Facebook launches service in six Indian languages

Facebook launches service in six Indian languagesYou can now communicate with your friends on social networking site Facebook in Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, or Malayalam. Yes, you can use any of these languages to get connected to your Facebook friends. Well, Facebook has launched its service in these Indian languages.

Starting from Thursday, the Facebook page welcoming the Indian users, displays, "Do you speak Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil or Malayalam? Now you can use Facebook in any of these languages to connect with your Indian friends all over the world.”

Something of Indian flavour addition was very much expected in Facebook, since the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg toured India in May 2008. Some people were expecting Facebook India launch. However, the social network has been lingually Indianized.

It definitely is going to help popularizing the social networking site Facebook in India. It certainly is going to help the site expand its user base in India. According to Indian census record, about 770 million speak the six languages, in which the Facebook has started its service. Facebook’s user base has already crossed 200 million mark.      

Facebook is definitely seeing fast growth in Asia and Africa, but some analysts are saying that the newly launched Facebook’s service in six Indian languages will not help Facebook much, because most of the tech-savvy Indian youngsters still prefer English as their communication language. However, some people believe that Facebook’s service in Indian languages will help the site attracting more users.

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