Ferozepur farmers' debunk Radio Pakistan's malicious propaganda

Punjab MapAbohar (Punjab), April 30 : The ongoing peace initiatives between India and Pakistan notwithstanding, Islamabad's propaganda-based radio programmes like "Punjabi Darbar" continue to routinely affect the friendly spirit between the two neighbours.

The target is not India as a whole, but most specifically farmers in Punjab with the objective of twisting the truth and misinterpreting reports to provoke people on both sides of the divide.

For instance, the farming community in Ferozepur District says that it listens to the Punjabi Darbar with deep interest, and a majority of them feel quite pained by the propaganda that is broadcast.

The village of Jhandwala Bheerasangla is a case in point. Its residents were once natives of Pakistan before Partition in1947. Some of their relatives still live in Pakistan, and when they hear the lies being broadcasted, they shudder with disappointment. Many of these listeners find what is aired to be extremely objectionable and devoid of reality.

Locals belonging to different communities say they take pride in their brotherhood and love to live in peace with each other. They reject claims of discrimination or sectarianism, and believe that what is presented in Punjabi Darbar is cooked up and in very poor light.

Sardar Gurbaksh Singh, who originally belongs to Pakistan, says it is nothing but false information being aired through Radio Pakistan. He says such broadcasts should be stopped immediately.

Village head Sukhraj Singh says Muslims are never treated the way it is projected in radio programmes broadcast from Pakistan.

Sardar Harbans Singh, another villager, feels that when both countries are engaged in a dialogue and want to create a peaceful environment, radio programmes like "Punjabi Darbar" should be discontinued. (ANI)