Man jailed for 16 robberies used to fuel drug habit

Hong Kong - A serial robber has been jailed for seven and a half years for 16 robberies committed to fuel his heroin addiction, a media report said Saturday.

EU court says retention of innocent people's DNA illegal

Brussels, Dec. 5: The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that retention of innocent people's DNA and fingerprint records by police is illegal.

The unanimous judgment by the Strasbourg court condemned the "blanket and indiscriminate nature" of powers given to police in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in collecting and storing DNA and fingerprint evidence of suspects.

According to The Independent, the British Government has not immediately said it will comply with the ruling by bringing in laws that would destroy nearly a million DNA samples taken from suspects who have been exonerated by the police and courts.

Danish navy vessel rescues suspected pirates

Copenhagen - A Danish navy vessel has rescued seven suspected pirates in the Gulf of Aden, the Royal Danish Navy said Friday.

Mumbai terrorists did not have enough explosive: NSG Chief

New Delhi , Nov. 30: The Director General of National Security Guards (NSG)  J K Dutt today  said that the terrorists at the Taj Palace hotel of Mumbai did not had plans to blow up the Taj heritage hotel as they lacked enough explosives for it.

The amount of explosives recovered from them does not indicate that they could bring down the building, Dutt said minutes after returning from Mumbai, in New Delhi.

NSG faced several difficulties during the ‘Operation Cyclone’, due to the century-old architecture of the Taj building, which  has long connecting passages, spiral staircases and rooms with high ceilings, said the NSG Chief talking to media here.