Expel, deny admission to students guilty of ragging: UGC

University Grants CommissionNew Delhi, Mar 22 : The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recommended debarring of students guilty of ragging a fellow student from getting admission in educational institutes for life.

"The regulations will be discussed at the meeting of 17 different councils, including the Medical Council of India (MCI), the AICTE and the state councils, next month. The regulations will be implemented after being approved by the councils, which are monitoring higher education in the country," UGC Chairman Professor Sukhadeo Thorat said in New Delhi on Sunday.

Lenovo Announces ‘Vernacular Computing Initiative’

Lenovo Announces ‘Vernacular Computing Initiative’ PC manufacturer Lenovo on Thursday launched a vernacular computing initiative, ‘Matrubhasha’ (Mother Tongue) in the Indian market.

The new initiative will help the school children to gain computer skills in their mother-tongue, without depending upon English.

As a part of this project, Lenovo said that it will donate 150 brand new Lenovo H series desktops, pre-installed with a vernacular computing software application called ‘Lookeys’ to 38 Akshara Foundation libraries in 35 government schools and three Urdu government schools in Karnataka.

Balancing the crayon and the computer

Video games and cartoons are no longer taboo for kids. New-age parents are enrolling their tots for courses in game design, animation, robotics and electronics.

The early exposure, parents believe, gives kids an edge and stimulates creativity.

Age six to 10, parents feel, is a good age to start. "Getting a headstart in technology can never hurt," said Soumya Mantena, whose seven-year-old has enrolled for a class in animation.

Video game-making is another rage. "Letting them create games of their own is better than allowing them to play video games," said Trupti Maniyar, whose nine-year-old son has designed his own computer game.

For ICSE students help is not on the line

With the month-long ICSE and CBSE board exams under way, the CBSE board is providing dedicated exam helplines to deal with stress. ICSE students, however, have no such facilities

While anxious parents of tense CBSE students have access to dedicated exam help-lines, ICSE students have only their teachers or families to turn to, for help. "If I'm upset with my performance in some exam, I wouldn't want to tell my teacher about it, let alone worry my parents. Their expectations get in the way of my openly discussing these things with them," says Geetha R, a class X student.

The CBSE helpline has been operational every year prior to the exams since the last 12 years. But no such measure is in place for students of ICSE schools.

ICL-Vashi organises job mela

With a view to ensure that their students secure a job after their graduation, Vashi-based ICLES' Motilal Jhunjhunwala College organised a job mela for third year students from all departments. The mela held last week was in continuation of the college's career counselling and campus placements for the students. Some of the companies who participated in the mela included Caliber-Shell-Transource Ltd, C-Bay Systems, HDFC Bank, UTV among others.

Bad print of a crop may spoil marks harvest

Bad print of a crop may spoil marks harvestSeveral Std X students from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) were baffled over a question on Wednesday. The four-mark question in the social science paper was reportedly not clear in print, due to which many high-scorers might lose marks.