Sleepless over Marathi paper

Sleepless over Marathi paperDays after Lalita Shivarkar (18) — a resident of Alandi Mhatobachi ended her life after finding it difficult to cope with the exam pressure, counsellors in the city have stressed that a congenial environment should be created by educational institutions and parents to mentally prepare their children for the exams.

Shivarkar, who was appearing for the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exams, consumed poison on February 2 at her residence, after failing to cope with the pressure.

How can we help our kids after the exam?

How can parents help the child after an examination? A parent from Ahmedabad Praise your child for doing his or her best on the test. Talk about what was asked in the test and how to manage the performance in the next one. Try to avoid your analytical thinking about the children on that day and encourage your child for the next subject paper.

What should parents do on the night before and the day of an examination? A parent from Anand

Be encouraging. Let your child know you think he or she will do well on the test. Avoid difficult family issues before the test to prevent unnecessary anxiety. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before the test. Have him or her wake up early, eat a nutritious breakfast and wear comfortable clothes.

Elect wisely

Elect wiselyThe most important function of education at any level is to hone someone's skills in a way that would not only benefit him, but others as well. Or so said Grayson Kirk, former president of Columbia University. As I sit writing this column, his words come to mind. Just as they might have struck Neeraj K Pawan, collector of Karauli, a small district in Rajasthan, when faced with the task of appointing the sarpanch of Ganwada Meena village. The step had been necessitated by the sudden demise of sarpanch Rampal Meena.

Blogging hard at the time of exams

Blogosphere has expanded its horizons in such a way that even students appearing for the board exams are also using blogs as a forum for discussions on the exams. With CBSE and GSEB exams round the corner and scheduled in next month, various blogs are flooded with posts from the aspirants on various issues such as how to avoid stress and increase memory power.

Not only students, but also the parents, whose children are appearing for the exams, are also seen sticking to blogs for ideas on how to help their children appearing for the big exams at the time of stress. Interactions through the blogs help them in finding out better solutions to the problems caused by the exam fever.

Bad day for Science, Commerce students

It was a difficult day for commerce and science students attempting their HSC exams on Tuesday. While commerce students were appalled with the difficulty level of their Organisational Commerce (OC) exam, many science students, who had their paper Physics II exam, were in tears when they came out of their examination hall.

"It was horribly difficult. I never expected OC to be so tough. There were several complicated and tricky questions that it threw us off-kilter," said Manan Parekh, a student of Podar College, Matunga. Students are now dreading their Book Keeping and Accountancy exam which is on Wednesday. "If OC could be that difficult, I am wondering how we will fare in Accounts exam," said Suresh Patkar, a commerce student.

The disabled find an ally in varsity

Millions of disabled in the city live as second-class citizens owing to lack of awareness among the masses who think a reserved coach in the local trains is the best the society can do for its less fortunate brethren. Thankfully, help is at hand. The Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped, in partnership with the Department of Communication and Journalism (DCJ), Mumbai University (MU), is starting a programme on disability communication.