Fair exams, minus phones

Fair exams, minus phonesThe ban on carrying mobile phones and other sophisticated gadgets inside the examination rooms is reason enough for schools to cheer, as they feel the move has considerably checked use of unfair means during examinations this year. If the past two years have witnessed a steep rise in cases of unfair copying, then high-tech gadgetry was to be blamed, they opine.

Himachal schools junk Husain lesson

Painter MF Husain is "irrelevant" in Himachal Pradesh and "does not inspire" its schoolchildren. So, the BJP government in the state has decided to do away with a chapter on the painter in the class XI Hindi book prescribed by the NCERT.

The decision was taken on the recommendation of a committee constituted by the Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education to study the contents of the NCERT book.

Board chairman Chaman Lal Gupta said the chapter on Husain would be replaced with one on painter Sobha Singh. He said Singh would make more sense to students in Himachal Pradesh because he was based in the state and incorporated Himachali culture in his paintings.

Students’ enthusiasm keeps them going

The women who lend their voices to prepare reference material for blind students say the emphasis is on a clear and loud voice, but at the same time the narration should be slow so that a student can grasp it well. The pronunciation should also be clear. The director of BPA, Saroj Kapoor, said many volunteer for the job, but usually for a short stint. "The women we have now are among those who have invested their time and have patiently served the institute," said Kapoor.

Sonal Gandhi, 44, helps the students in revising English and has been recording material for them for 14 years.

They are voice of edu for blind

They are voice of edu for blind
Many A’bad women are investing time & wisdom to record audio-books for visually impaired

They could have chosen to sit at home, idly watching soap operas on TV. Some homemakers in the city, however, decided to use their spare time constructively and, in doing so, have given themselves a new identity. They volunteered to lend their voices to record study materials in various subjects. The recordings are used by visually impaired students to understand and master subjects for examinations.

Indian, Chinese-origin pupils outdoing white classmates in UK schools

London, Mar 2 : Indian- and Chinese-origin students are outdoing many white children in UK schools because their families place more value on education, according to a key Government adviser.

Sir Mike Tomlinson, the former head of Ofsted, says that children of ethnic minority populations in the country are making better progress, while white working-class boys are struggling in schools.

He thinks that the reason for such a divide is because working-class parents failed to place the same value on education as their ethnic minority counterparts.

Thus, poor white children have low expectations of what they can achieve, leading to lack of effort and low results.

Over 14.5 lakh students appear for CBSE board exams today

Over 14.5 lakh students appear for CBSE board exams todayNew Delhi, Mar 2: Over 14.5 lakh students are appearing in their class 10th and 12th Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board examinations today.

The class 10th examinations will be held at 2,714 centres and class 12th at 2,506 centres across the country.

About 8,24,438 students including 4,87,475 boys and 3,36,963 girls would take the class 10th examinations, while 6,37,578 including 3,73,330 boys and 2,64,248 girls would appear for class 12th exams.