David Jones shares rise 20% following takeover reports

David Jones shares rise 20% following takeover reportsThe shares of department store David Jones have risen by as much as 20 per cent after reports indicated that the company might be acquired by South African retail chain Woolworths Holdings.

Oil India raises US$1 billion through overseas bond sale

Oil India raises US$1 billion through overseas bond saleMaking debut of its U. S. dollar bond sale programme, state-run oil & gas explorer Oil India Ltd (OIL) on Tuesday raised US$1 billion.

The state-run energy giant's bond issue is in a dual tranche of US$500 million each. The first tranche of US$500-million, 5-year money has been priced at U. S. treasury plus 222.5 basis points (bps), while the ten-year money of another tranche of US$500-million has been priced at treasury plus 272.5 bps.

India’s economic growth expected to recover from 4.4% to 5. 4% this year

India’s economic growth expected to recover from 4.4% to 5. 4% this yearSlightly stringer global growth accompanied by an improvement in domestic economy will likely push India's economic growth to 5. 4 per cent this year, according to the latest edition of the World Economic Outlook report the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In the recently released report, the IMF said that India's improving exports, implementation of approved massive investment projects accompanied by stronger global economic growth would help the Asian economy attain a higher growth.

Business optimism index for Q2 2014 jumps 9.1%

 Business optimism index for Q2 2014 jumps 9.1% Business Optimism Index (BOI), which is used to measure the pulse of the business community, jumped by more than 9 per cent year-on-year for the second quarter of this year.

According to a just released report by Dun & Bradstreet, BOI jumped to 154.5 for second quarter of 2014, up 9.1 per cent from the corresponding quarter of 2013.

The rise in the index represents a positive shift in Indian businesses' sentiment despite economic uncertainty ahead of the formation of the new government.

GM fined $7,000 a day for violation of special order

GM fined $7,000 a day for violation of special orderU. S. traffic safety regulator has slapped General Motors (GM) with a fine of $7,000 per day, retroactive to April 3, for its failure to provide enough answers about its slow ignition switch recall.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had passed a special order last month, asking GM to answer 107 questions as well as furnish reams of documents by April 3 to support the ongoing investigation into the ignition-switch problem in GM cars.  But the auto giant failed to answer many of those questions.

Public interest groups request FCC to block Comcast-TWC merger

Public interest groups request FCC to block Comcast-TWC mergerWhile Comcast has highlighted many potential benefits of its proposed merger-deal with Time Warner Cable (TWC), as many as 50 public interest organizations on Tuesday wrote letters to the Justice Department as well as Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requesting them to block the deal.

Opponents of the proposed deal are arguing that the merger would provide Comcast with unprecedented market power, which would hurt competition and eventually lead to higher costs for consumers.

Barclays reaches settlement with Graiseley Properties

Barclays reaches settlement with Graiseley PropertiesUK's financial giant, Barclays has announced that it had reached a settlement with Graiseley Properties, the parent of Guardian Care Homes, which had filed a lawsuit against the company over its involvement in rigging the Libor interest rates.

Osborne announces scheme to boost exports

Osborne announces scheme to boost exportsGeorge Osborne, the chancellor of the UK, has announced a new scheme to boost exports form the country to other countries.

Co-op Bank to delay its financial results

Co-op Bank to delay its financial resultsThe troubled CO-OP Bank has said that it needs more time to release its financial details as the bank evaluates the details of it's the gap in its capital.

The new head of the bank, Niall Booker had earlier said that the results will be announced 8 April but the results were further delayed to 11 April, 2014. The Co-op Bank revealed a £400 million gap in its capital position. The gap was additional to the £1.5billion gap identified in the previous year.

GSK nears deadline on Currabinny plant in Cork

GSK nears deadline on Currabinny plant in CorkPharmaceutical major, GlaxosmithKline is nearing a deadline set by the US Food and Drug Administration to ensure the regulator on quality standards at its Currabinny plant in Cork.

The regulator had set the deadline for the company to explain how it intends to comply with the rules set by the authorities. The recent letter issued by the US regulator was a setback for the company's reputation as the company focuses greatly on its supply chain and establishments linked to its global network.

ONS says UK economy is 5% larger than believed

ONS says UK economy is 5% larger than believedThe Office for National Statistics (ONS) had said yesterday that the British economy is about five per cent higher than previously thought.

The authorities have changes the measures for business investment and pensions savings and this has resulted in recalculations. As per the new mechanisms, the economy is larger than earlier estimates, according to ONA. Firms' research and development will now be considered as capital investment and this will addaround £25 billion to nominal GDP each year.

Blackmagic introduces high-end Ursa camera

Blackmagic introduces high-end Ursa cameraBlackmagic Design on Monday introduced the world to its new high-end 4K camera dubbed Ursa, which promises to meed the requirements of both - single person use as well as large film crews.

The Ursa features a Super 35 global shutter with a 4K image sensor, Apple ProRes recorders, and internal dual RAW. It also boasts capability of offering twelve stops of dynamic range.

In addition, the 4K-capable camera comes equipped with a 10-inch fold out monitor.

Singapore Airlines to fly Airbus A380 jets to Delhi, Mumbai

Singapore Airlines to fly Airbus A380 jets to Delhi, MumbaiSingapore Airlines (SIA) will start operating super-jumbo aircraft Airbus A380 to New Delhi and Mumbai from a number of international cities starting 30th of May this year.

In January, the government had lifted a ban on the use of Airbus A380 in the country, enabling airlines like Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Lufthansa to fly the super-jumbo jets in the world's second-most populous country.

Today’s kids are least active

Today’s kids are least activeToday's kids are the least active in history and could be the first to have a shorter future than their guardians, previous Olympic champion Lord Coe has cautioned.

Composing in an article, he urged families, schools and organizations to make a move to handle stationary lifestyles which are bringing about many unexpected losses and taking a toll the UK economy £20bn every year.

UK has legal HIV test 'home kits'

UK has legal HIV test 'home kits'The UK has passed a law permitting individuals to utilize home kits to test themselves for HIV at home.

As of recently, it was unlawful to do a HIV test at home in the UK and read the outcomes yourself.

Numerous might perform the tests - typically requested online - at home and send away their effects to get a finding via telephone.

At present, no test has been produced that meets European rules, however The Terrence Higgins Trust HIV philanthropy said the tests could be brought into the UK not long from now or in right on time 2015.

Spinal implant leads to paralyzed patients regaining movement

Spinal implant leads to paralyzed patients regaining movementFour men who had been incapacitated starting from the chest for more than two years and been told their circumstance was miserable, recovered to voluntarily move their legs and feet, however not to stroll, after an electrical gadget was embedded in their spines, scientists wrote about Tuesday.

Health lacks exploratory proof

Health lacks exploratory proofHealth Advisor is a normal segment where donors impart their information in fields extending from wellness to brain science, pediatrics to growing old.

In health, patterns seldom bring about enduring change. Eating regimens go back and forth, sustenances, for example, kale have a constrained timeframe of realistic usability of prevalence and nobody truly knows whether espresso is really great or awful for you.

Measles in Canada is spreading

Measles in Canada is spreadingIn 1935, Canada had 83,127 reported instances of measles the nation over in a populace of 10.8 million. In the event that Canadians today were being contaminated at that rate, about 275,000 instances of measles can be expected in the not so distant future.

In 1954, measles in Canada killed 50 to 75 individuals a year, sent 5,000 to clinic, and created 400 instances of encephalitis. Agreeing to the U. S. Centers for Disease Control, between 1953 and 1963, there were a normal of 450 measle-copartnered demise in the United States on a yearly basis.

Legal assisted suicide might be a possibility

Legal assisted suicide might be a possibilitySpecialists need to move past the "yes or no" level headed discussion about doctor-aided demise and start making strategies and rules in the occasion the demonstration is legitimized in Canada, an aggregation of palliative-consideration authorities contends.

Venom is increased by vinegar cure in box jellyfish stings

Venom is increased by vinegar cure in box jellyfish stingsVinegar may kill instead of curing casualties of box jellyfish stings, Queensland scientists have found.

There have been 64 passings in Australia ascribed to box jellyfish stings throughout the previous 130 years.

The cure, utilized for a considerable length of time to treat stings, causes up to 60 per cent more venom from the deadly jellyfish to be released into the victimized person.

The discoveries have incited calls for the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) to modify their sting medicine rules.

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