Genetically Modified Soya Bean Can Cut Heart Attack Risk

Genetically Modified Soya Bean Can Cut Heart Attack RiskThe genetically modified crop of soya bean, which increases omega-3 level & prevent heart attacks has passed the first phase of testing in America. It can be used in spreads, yogurts, cereal bars and salad dressings.

Researchers at the University of South Dakota have found that the GM soya bean can increase levels of  omega-3 acids, which are mainly found in salmon, trout and fresh tuna. It protects against cardiovascular diseases and diabetes and assist the growth of brain cells in the young. It will decrease the consumption of fish because we will get all this benefits from GM soya bean.

Monsanto, an American biotechnology company, has harvested 600 tones of the GM soya beans from trial plots in the U.S. The company expects the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for the consumption of the same by 2011, following which the product will hit U.S. markets in 2012.If it approved by the European Food Safety Authority and the FSA’s novel foods committee, the GM soya bean will make its way into European markets too.

Journal Lipids published a research indicated that oil from GM soya increased omega-3 in the participants' blood from an average of 4 % to 5 %. Prof Harris said, “This could lead to a 50 per cent drop in the risk of heart attacks and can raise omega3 levels in the blood by supplying this into the food”.