Goa Knocks Out Of Medal Hunt

Goa Knocks Out Of Medal HuntGoa has been knocked out of the medal hunt after losing their match against Angola by 2-0 at Estadio Jose Gomes in Lisbon on Wednesday.

Angola wanted to win the match by big margin to increase their goal average, but Goa played well to restrict them throughout the match.

The World Cuppers were able to score only two goals against Goa with second goal in the last minutes of the match, which suggested the scenario of the whole match.

The first goal of the match was scored by Miguel of Angola just after half an hour, while Goa missed twice by close margin when both Augustine Fernandes and Steven Fernandes were unable to put the ball in the net.

Goa’s coach Mauricio Afonso said that they have played according to the plan, and he has been happy by their performance although they could have saved the second goal.

Goa will now play against the host Portugal in their last match of the tournament on Thursday.