Google, Microsoft fighting it out for contracts to supply offices with productivity software

Google-MicrosoftWith Google and Microsoft having been involved in a spat of sorts over office business, Google is apparently set to announce its latest triumph on that front; with the company having bagged a contract from Weather Channel's parent company, The Weather Company.

The Internet search giant will, on Friday, announce the contract win, when it will reveal that The Weather Company is going Google; highlighting the fact that Google's Apps version of Office - which is housed remotely in the cloud - is now being used by the 1,200 employees of The Weather Company.

Talking about Google's video-conferencing feature, The Weather Company's CIO Bryson Koehler said that Google's office services - including Gmail, Google+, Chat, Drive and Docs - are notably well-integrated online; and added that The Weather Company's employees "use Hangouts all the time."

Google's win of The Weather Company's contract will further fuel the searing battle which continues to play out in workplaces across the US; with both Google and Microsoft fighting it out for contracts to supply offices with productivity software, like Microsoft's Office and Office 365, and Google's office Apps.

Noting that Microsoft is trying to drive more users to office services in the cloud and Google in apparently getting in the way, Gartner analyst Tom Austin said that the two companies "throw rocks at each other." Austin further added: "This is great because for the first time in 20 years we have a choice. Before it was like, 'Do you want Microsoft or Microsoft?' "