Google to replace 'annoying' CAPTCHAs with single click feature

GoogleWashington, Dec 04 : Google is set to get rid of CAPTCHA that forced users to confirm they are humans by typing in barely legible words and numbers, a report said.

The service will now be replaced with a single click on sites that use Google's re CAPTCHA service. The search engine giant is now introducing a new API text that will require users to just check a box that says, "I'm not a robot," reported Tech Crunch.

Google decided to trash the old Captchas because they weren't that good at keeping robots at bay. The advanced robots today could solve Captchas with 99.8 percent accuracy.

For now, websites can either choose to stick to the old experience or switch to the new API.

The old Captchas will now only appear when Google's algorithms are unsure if you are indeed human.

The new API text is already live on a few websites including, Snapchat, WordPress and Humble Bundle . (ANI)