Google's battle to establish 'right to be above British law' on alleged secret monitoring resumed in court

GoogleLondon, Dec 09 : Google's battle in its landmark case to establish that the company is above the British law has been resumed in the court which would decide whether it can be held accountable by its users for allegedly using clandestine tracking to monitor British users of the Safari web browser.

Google earlier argued that the High Court did not have jurisdictions to try the claims, reported the Independent.

The tech giant's lawyers said that the users should have launched its claim in the U. S. where the company is based rather than England.

The claims have been brought by a group known as Safari Users against Google's Secret Tracking that includes IT security company directors Robert Hann and Marc Bradshaw, and Judith Vidal-Hall, a former editor of Index on Censorship magazine.

According to the group, the clandestine tracking of internet usage, between summer 2011 and spring 2012 has caused distress and embarrassment. (ANI)