Indian businessman eyes an American ''flying'' car

Indian businessman eyes an American ''flying'' carRajkot, Jan 27 : Subash Shihora, a businessman from Rajkot might be the first Indian to own the American flying car, a two-seater plane that can be converted into an automobile at the touch of a button.

The flying car ''Terrafugia Transition'' is developed by a Massachusetts-based company.

Terrafugia is expected to go for test flight next month and if everything goes well, it is expected to hit the showrooms in 18 months.

The vehicles would cost about 200,000 dollars.

Shihora, chief executive officer of Urok International, a consultancy firm, said the twin-seater road car could transform itself into a plane within 15 seconds.

"Particular things about the car is that you can drive it on the road as well as you can fly on air within 15 seconds from the road. And very important part to buy this car is, you would have the time flexibility," he added.

Shihora said that besides a driving license a person must possess license to fly planes as well.

"Right now there is not any restricted guideline but the main restriction is that you should have knowledge of flying charter or related one engine or double engine flights. And before you get the delivery there are some US government restrictions that might check your Private Pilot License (PPL), that have you got your private pilot license," he added.

The company describes the road aircraft as ''Personal air vehicle and is designed to change configurations, enabling it to operate as a traditional road vehicle as well as a general aviation airplane.''

The company is expected to incorporate new technology such as automated folding wings. The aero-auto hybrid will be designed to be capable of landing at an airport and then folding the wings in and becoming a ''road-able'' vehicle.

Reports say the vehicle has been tested for a speed of 90 miles per hour and has the flight range of 100 miles at a cruising speed of 150 miles per hour.

The vehicle uses the same engine, which is fueled with standard unleaded gasoline, for road travel and flight. While in the car mode, it can fit into any garage.

However the rules for this vehicle have not been set so far by the civil aviation department in India. (ANI)

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